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SpringyNews: Putting the NEW in News

December 2018

New Features to Help You Better Connect With Users

Earlier this year we shared that we're working on two big enhancements to the LibAnswers platform - screensharing/webinars module and backup staff coverage module. We're pleased to report significant progress with both!

Screensharing and So Much More

When we talk about our screensharing solution, what we have in mind is way more than just basic librarian-to-patron sharing of screens. Like, way, way more.

  • Supported Across All Browsers - Whether you or the patron are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or some other browser... our screensharing works across all browsers.
  • Supported Across Multiple Operating Systems - From Windows to Mac OS, from Ubuntu to Mint... we've got you covered. 
  • Works on Tablets & Mobile Devices - From Surface Pro 2 & (running Win 8.1 / Win 10) to iOS/Android devices and even Blackberry... you can screenshare with users on multiple device types.
  • Audio & Video Options - You and the patron have the option to turn on your mics and webcams to enhance the screensharing experience.
  • Multi-Person Webinars or Virtual Staff Meetings - Screenshare as a group for internal meetings, staff webinars, etc. Why should only two people have all the fun?
  • Distance Education Support - With our screensharing and webinars, your library can better support distance ed programs at your institution.
  • Saved Recordings - Optionally, save your screenshare session and share it with relevant parties. 
  • LibCal Integration - With LibCal's appointment scheduler integration you can easily launch virtual meetings with faculty and others who book consultations via LibCal.

It's Not Backup Chat...It's Backup Staffing Help

Our other big announcement has to do with backup staffing. We can't reveal much about it yet, for a couple of reasons, but what we have coming your way in the next few months will be flexible and affordable - the two tenets of Springshare's mission for libraries.

  • Decide Your Own Coverage Levels - You're in the driver seat with what hours you need covered and at which levels.
  • Participate in Cooperative or Not - Choose whether you wish to participate in the coop or just get backup coverage instead.
  • More than just Chat Backup - We've all been there and have needed an extra pair of hands during busy times. Our backup will provide more than just chat services, if you need it.