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SpringyNews: Putting the NEW in News

December 2018

Go with the Workflow!

LibStaffer's New Workflow Forms is the Innovation You Need

It's a form builder. How different can it be? Well, it's the difference between using a form as an end product and using a form as the integral start of a process.

Springshare's LibStaffer Workflow Forms are designed to have a life beyond the moment they're filled out. The form was submitted? Excellent. But that's just the beginning! 

LibStaffer Workflow Forms allow:

  • File uploads - Perfect for job applications where you want a candidate to upload a resume, etc.
  • Routing - If a certain box is selected in the form, it gets routed to a particular member of your staff.
  • Stage creation - Advancing the form through stages from the first looks to approvals, decisions and more.
  • Notes - Establish a clear audit-friendly discussion between colleagues at the various stages by leaving detailed notes for transparency.

These are performance forms. They are active, super easy to create, and useful in a way that makes you wonder how you could have ever worked with one-point-only forms for so long.

Uses for Workflow Forms

Thinking about all of the different ways you could use these action-hero forms? That's the right impulse! They are versatile enough to help you with the ranging cycle of work life. From the initial hiring process to vacation requests to arranging longer leaves or approving conference attendance, LibStaffer Workflow Forms have you covered.

  • Onboarding
  • Professional Development
  • Equipment Requests
  • Staff Suggestions

Brainstorm with your team to discover a number of cases that call for a form that routes to specific people, keeps notes, and moves through stages as part of the decision-making process.

Live Workflow Forms - Let's Get Interactive

Student Employment Form

It's that time of year - workstudy students are flooding your inbox looking for placement in the library!

Funnel all requests into one place and out of your inbox.

Student Employment Workflow Form

Become a 'Live Book' Volunteer

Are you creating a Human Library event at your library?

Use LibStaffer Workflow Forms to funnel all 'live book' submissions into one place and then use stages to route submissions through your processes.

Be a Live Book Workflow Form

Sabbatical Request Form

Sabbatical requests go through a strictly adhered-to process where different staff are involved at differing stages. Create it as a Workflow Form and keep your eye on the 'touches' that each request goes through. 

Sabbatical Request Workflow Form

Professional Development Form

Funnel all staff requests for professional development... from conference attendee, to workshop, and more. Customized stages include: Budget Consulted, Discussion of Merit, etc.

Prof. Development Workflow Form

Equipment Purchase Request Form

If staff need to request expensive equipment purchases, route all requests through a Workflows Form and follow the progress through customized stages.

Equipment Request Workflow Form

Read to the Dogs Volunteer Form

Looking for dogs to staff your 'Read to the Dogs' program? Create a Workflows Form and ask for breed info, therapy dog certification, and allow volunteers to upload photos of their dog. 

Therapy Dogs Volunteer Workflow Form

Storytime Volunteer

Looking for storytime volunteers and organize all submissions into one place?

This example form asks for references, background check verification, and experience working with children.

Storytime Volunteer Workflow Form

Children's Volunteer Form

Form for patrons (grades 6-12) to volunteer at the library in the Children's room. Custom workflow stages for Confirming Student in School District to Confirming Parent/Guardian Consent make this form a winner!

Children's Volunteer Workflow Form