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December 2018

Recent LibCal Updates Since Our Last Newsletter

LibCal 2.18 Update
Nov 12, 2018

  • Calendars/Events:
    • Email address is no longer required for event registration.
    • Image Manager is now integrated with featured images.
    • Event location displays on admin calendar for both Day & Week views.
    • Turn on the ability to require category & audience fields.
  • Spaces/Equipment:
    • Next available button jumps the availability grid to the next available time slot. 
    • Space bookings have an optional opt-in email reminder.
    • Create a brand new booking by copying booking form info.
    • Confirmed bookings public page now has a date picker.

>> Full list of recent updates (From Sept - October)

Upcoming Updates to Springshare Tools

It's a busy time here at Springshare! Check out the new features we'll be releasing in the coming months. Want to know when these features will be available? Subscribe to the Springshare Blog and get the latest blog posts delivered straight to your inbox.

These updates are coming the last few weeks of December.

Online Payments Coming to LibCal:

Learn more about this update on the LibCal: Way to Pay page.

  • Cost/Payment Tracking for Space Reservations & Calendar Events - Define an hourly rate that acts as the cost of each Space booking and/or Event registration, and LibCal will calculate the total payment required to complete each reservation. LibCal will also keep track of who has and has not paid for each booking. Payments can be done online via credit card or in-person at the library. If the patron cancels a booking they paid for, they are automatically refunded the booking cost.
  • Audit Log of Payment Activity - LibCal maintains a complete log of all payments (online or in-person) and refunds/cancelations - who paid and when, who refunded and when, so administrators have a full audit/compliance trail of all payment activity, right inside the system.
  • Cost/Payment Tracking for Equipment Bookings - Coming in early 2019, we'll roll out cost/payment tracking to the Equipment Booking module.

Screensharing & Backup Staffing Coming to LibAnswers:

Learn more about this update on the LibAnswers: Show & Tell page.

Screensharing/Webinars Module

  • Supported Across All Browsers - Whether you or the patron are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or some other browser... our screensharing works across all browsers. 
  • Audio & Video Options - Optionally, you and the patron can turn on your mics and webcams to enhance the screensharing experience.
  • Saved Recordings - Optionally, save your screenshare session and share it with relevant parties. 
  • LibCal Integration - With LibCal's appointment scheduler integration you can easily launch virtual meetings with faculty and others who book consultations via LibCal.

Backup Staff Coverage Module

It's not just backup chat... it's backup staffing help!

  • Decide Your Own Coverage Levels - You're in the driver seat with what hours you needed covered and at which levels.
  • Participate in Cooperative or Not - Choose whether you wish to participate in the coop or just get backup coverage instead.
  • More than just Chat Backup - We've all been there and have needed an extra pair of hands during busy times. Our backup will provide more than just chat services, if you need it.

Coming soon in LibStaffer:

  • Integrated SMS Notifications - We’re implementing SMS alerts for common notifications, such as shift updates, available shifts, etc.
  • GPS Limiters for Clock In/Out - We're adding the ability to limit your staff to clock in/out within a range of a particular geolocation, so you can ensure that your staff are where they should be when clocking in and out for shifts using their mobile device.
  • Updating Exchange Integration with OAuth - We're updating our Exchange integration to use OAuth 2.0, which should provide a more seamless connection between LibStaffer shifts and external Exchange systems.

LibGuides CMS:

  • IP-Protected Guides/Groups - Results from IP-protected guides/groups won't display in search results.
  • AZ/Databases - Small updates and fixes, including hiding a trial database when the expiration date passes.
  • Accessibility - Added missing labels to all of the Google content types.


  • LibApps Admin - When editing a profile, you can see a preview of that profile on the edit page.
  • Certificates/Domains - If you change your custom domain to a new custom domain, that change is no longer immediate. Instead, we request and install a Let's Encrypt certificate for your new domain first, then make the domain change only when this is in place. 
  • Primo - We're adding two more customizable fields to Primo Search Sources for those who need to customize these (Scope, Primo Tab Name).
  • LibAuth - We're adding support for OAuth 2.0 Protocol, as well as OAuth 2.0 connections via the Symphony ILS.

Coming soon in LibInsight

  • COUNTER 5 Support - Adding support for COUNTER 5, specifically PR, DR, and TR master reports and several standard views.
  • Faster SUSHI Fetching - With COUNTER 5 comes updated, better, and more lightweight SUSHI fetching.
  • Circulation Dataset - Edit fields in a circulation dataset. 
  • Dashboards - Now possible to create Dashboard charts for LibCal, LibAnswers and LibGuides datasets.
  • Accessibility - Reset button in widgets now correctly gets keyboard focus when needed.
  • Custom Dataset - When uploading a file to a custom dataset, it's now possible for the user to require or NOT require that "Required" fields are populated.