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SpringyNews - Building Strong Relationships

March 2019

SpringyNews -- A Relationship For The Ages

SpringyNews has been popping up on your screens for 12 years now. We love you like Bon Jovi loves you. But just because our love is constant, it doesn't mean we shouldn't shake things up a bit.

We decided to check in. We sent out a LibWizard survey a few weeks ago and want to thank all of the users who responded to our survey for taking the time to provide us with feedback! We've been hard at work honoring the relationship we've built with you. The biggest part of that is listening. In the coming issues you will see some of the excellent suggestions made... implemented, along with some surprises of our own. -- The Springshare Team

We've made room to share more content with you by utilizing all the space we have. So, please, note that you'll navigate SpringyNews via the orange bar at the top of the pages now. This page will help you check out what's inside. 


LibGuides Love

LibGuides Love is a new name that's a promise. Formerly LibGuides Tips & Tricks, this page will still feature the ideas, big and small, that help you use LibGuides to do everything from vacuuming your floors to checking the oil in your car. Plus, it will have LibGuides news, examples, videos and more.

Building strong relationships is something that needs to be a true focus in libraries. Having one interaction with a patron, donor, faculty member, etc. is an opportunity to make an impact. When people feel the library makes a difference in their lives, they support it. Check out how you can foster relationships in LibGuides. 

Spotlight: LibCRM

We've been sharing bits and pieces. We've pulled back the cover a few times. But now the day has arrived! LibCRM is here and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

Secrets poison a relationship so we're through with them! Check out our Customer Realtionship Management tool built specifically for Libraries and learn everything you need to know right now about how to get your hands on this game changer. 

Your Relationships

Nurturing your relationships is a key way to keep them moving forward. See how you can prioritize those you serve using LibCal and LibCRM.

Sharing Is Key

Remember when you were a toddler? One of the first things that was impressed upon you is that you have to share! The healthiest relationships feed off reciprocity. Learn how sharing works in LibAnswers, LibStaffer and LibInsight.

Listen Up

Hearing is one thing. Listening is another. Librarians love getting feedback. Discover ways to get more of it and from places you might not expect with our Feedback Checklist.

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