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SpringyNews - Building Strong Relationships

March 2019

Share The Screen. Share The Workload. Share The Love.

Sharing is one of the basic principles to coexisting with other people, so it's no surprise that it's one of the first things we are taught in life. It should also be no surprise that Springshare is a huge fan of sharing - it's in our name, after all! We encourage sharing in all forms, from guide creation to embeddable widgets, the LTI integration tool, dashboards, the Systems Status Management tool, the blog, social media ties...and now we're introducing screensharing in the LibAnswers Platform.

Have a look at these Springy ways you can share and share alike.

LA LibAnswers - Sharing Is A Two-Way Screen

The LibAnswers Platform introduces game-changing screensharing to LibChat for the ultimate customer service boost.

  • Screensharing For BOTH Parties - In the best conversations, there is a time to talk and a time to listen. Springshare's screensharing functionality allows for either party to share the screen. If librarians wants to show their students a particular spot on their website or if patrons want to show the error messages they are seeing -- it's all possible with LibAnswers.
  • Live Annotation - When you're helping someone, you want to be able to go with your instincts and sometimes that means circling, underlining, drawing an arrow, or crossing something out. Screensharing in LibChat features live annotation. You can draw on the screen, write some text, undo, erase and -- even more important, you can save it all to later share with your patron. Plus, if you're recording the screensharing session, your live annotations will be in the recording!

LibStaffer - Share The When & Where... With A New How.

Sharing the work should be easy! Try these fun new features in LibStaffer, which answer all the big questions:

  • Copy Shifts - Enjoy the new, time-saving feature that copies or clones shifts and (if you like) their assignments to the same or a different schedule. Choose where the copied shifts will be added and the start date.
  • Geofencing - Now clocking in and out can be restricted by geolocation. Enter a physical location for the schedule, then add longitude, latitude, a radius and...voilà! There's even a button to help you get those coordinates!   
  • SMS Alert Notification - We know people nowadays often sleep with their phones, so  now you can stay on top of schedule additions / changes with text message alerts!


Admins - head to Admin > Accounts> Edit to manage alerts for any user.
All - click your email to manage your alerts.

LibInsight Logo LibInsight - Sharing With Dashboards

People love to see a beautiful plate of food placed in front of them -- but they don't care to see all the pots, pans, wooden spoons and onion skins on the cutting boards in the kitchen. Springshare gets it.

After you've compiled the raw data and found truth-telling correlations, share that critical information with the powers that be via LibInsight's informative dashboards.

  • Snapshot or Rolling Datasets - Show a specific time period, like the fourth quarter of 2018. Or perhaps you want the dashboard to dynamically show the most recent 6 months.
  • Public or Private - Public dashboards can be viewed by anyone who knows its URL. Private dashboards require the viewer to have a LibInsight account.

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