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March 2019

(Cue Trumpet Music) LibCRM - It's Here and It's a Game Changer

We've been dropping hints about LibCRM for the last several months. We mentioned it in our last newsletter, we've presented on it at the recent ALA-Midwinter 2019 conference, we've posted about it on Twitter and Facebook, and we even sent out an email about it last week.

And we're so thrilled to announce that it's arrived! Hip hip hooray! Pop the champagne. Blow those celebratory paper horns. Wave your party streamers high!

Can you tell we're super excited?!

For those of you hearing this news for the first time, let's start with the basics.

What Is LibCRM?

LibCRM is the only Customer Relationship Management tool designed specifically for the needs of libraries. It acts as a single repository bringing your users' library interactions and activities together in one place.

Basically, it helps you build and maintain relationships with your patrons.

On top of that, we've built exciting project and task management tools to help liaison / outreach librarians improve their workflows and deliver actionable metrics.

Upcoming LibCRM Webinars

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How Can I Use LibCRM?

  • Target At-Risk Customers / Organizations: Use the reporting area to identify gaps in your outreach efforts.
    • Adjunct faculty who have not signed up for 'New Faculty Orientation.'
    • Freshmen who have not asked a single reference question.
    • Teen / YA customers who have not attended a single library Teen / YA event.
    • Partner / consortia libraries not participating in consortia-related committees or work groups.
    • Vendors who have not sent your latest renewal invoice.
  • Keep Track of Library Projects / Tasks: Built-in project and task management connects with customer profiles so you can see which customers are actively engaged in library projects.
    • Sort projects by end-date and always view your most current deadline first.
    • Break large projects into tasks with individual due dates.
    • View upcoming deadlines from your assigned projects / tasks on your personalized dashboard.
    • Use integrated discussion boards to keep conversations about projects out of your inbox and stored contextually with those projects.
  • Relationships / Memberships: Most likely, your customers aren't hermits.
    They have relationships with other library customers and memberships in library-affiliated organizations.
    • Assign and view relationships among customers.
    • Identify a customer as being a 'member' of an organization and assign membership level.
    • See a holistic view of how each customer relates to one other.

Connect Your Springshare Tools to LibCRM - Watch the Interactions Roll In

It's as easy as clicking a single button.

  • Click to connect your Springshare Tools to LibCRM.
    ‚ÄčCurrently available: LibAnswers & LibCal
  • Any time a customer interacts with those Springshare Tools using the email address noted in their LibCRM profile, those interactions get automatically recorded to their LibCRM Customer Profile.

What About Email Integration?

Log your outgoing email as a customer interaction using your LibCRM system email address.

Whether you're emailing one person or sending a mass email to 50, just add the LibCRM system email address to your outgoing email and watch your email get auto-recorded to each individual LibCRM Customer Profile.

How Can I Learn More?

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LibCRM Benefits List & Help Documentation


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