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March 2019

Recent Springshare Updates

Our Springshare Tech Team has been hard at work to kick your Spring season off with some spectacular new features and fixes! You'll want to pay special attention to the very exciting updates to LibStaffer, LibInsight and LibWizard. 

LibStaffer just got an incredible number of excellent features in this March 2019 update.

You should really check out the Springshare Blog Post to get the whole picture. Below, you'll find some highlights.

  • Drag and Drop functionality has found its way to LibStaffer!  You'll find a new panel with the names of each person assigned to a schedule. Drag staff to a shift to fill it. The Time-Off schedule view also has this new drag and drop ability. Plus you can even drag shifts around to other time slots. 

  • Outlook user? LibStaffer can now check for users' free/busy times in Outlook for shift assignments. Set that up by going to Admin > Accounts > Edit Account > Calendar Sync > Outlook/Exchange Settings 
  • Staff Member Pay Rates are here! A LibStaffer user account now has fields for regular and overtime hourly pay rates. Don't worry, there are overtime thresholds, too.  Customize the currency display and finally, use the Time Clock report to see how much an account holder earned during a shift. 
  • There are so many more amazing LibStaffer features that have been added in this update, including those surrounding Shift and Time-Off recurrences. Make sure to read about all the new goodies.

We couldn't be any more thrilled to announce that LibInsight COUNTER r5 is here!

  • The Springy Tech crew has been super focused on bringing you the ability to fetch COUNTER r5 usage reports from compliant vendors. SUSHI fetching capability is a requirement for compliance with this new release of COUNTER and now we have an initial beta code release!
  • Want to schedule a single report fetch? You can!
  • Want to set up an automatic monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual fetch? You got it!
  • Get Platform, Title or Database Master Reports. It's all the data you need so you can focus and refocus your analysis -- as many times as you like -- on the factors that matter to you.

Use Cross-Dataset analysis and make Dashboards of findings you want to share. It's all possible in your LibInsight right now. If you are wondering about the beta status, it's good to know that the Release 5 of the Counter Code of Practice is considerably different to earlier releases. In this early release, you'll be able to get important data about your Platforms, Databases, and Titles, like

  • which performed the best
  • which were the most searched 
  • cost-per-use analysis


  1. COUNTER's Friendly Guide for Librarians
  2. Getting Started with LibInsight (Thursday, April 4) / E-Resource / COUNTER 5 Datasets (Monday, April 15)
  3. Send us your thoughts and questions 

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! 

The LibWizard of Oz has been working tirelessly to improve the reliability of LibWizard -- to help with your unlimited Custom Forms, Surveys, Quizzes and Tutorials. Here are a couple of recent fixes:

  • All LibWizard forms/surveys will now show up in the list when using the "Add LibWizard items" in LibGuides. 
  • A proper 404 page has been added to inform patrons who click on broken links or deleted forms. 

However, the real work truly is happening behind the scenes as LibWizard has been re-written from the ground up. Drum roll, please! Attention Springyverse -- we'll soon roll out LibWizard v2! 

LibWizard v2 addresses a lot of issues and pain points with v1, and will bring significant improvements to the Assessments/Tutorials module. We've just gotten a look at it internally, and we can't wait to share it with you. 

Stay tuned. LibWizard v2 is coming April 2019! 

How's this for LibCal update news?

We added so many features to LibCal in this update that we are offering a Training Tidbit session on Wednesday, April 3rd devoted entirely to showing you the all the cool new stuff you'll be able to do. A few are highlighted here. We also worked in a couple of fixes. To read about them and to see all the new LibCal features, check out the Springshare blog post.


  • Online Payments Support Update - If you would like to activate the E-Commerce component in your LibCal system, let us know. We've been getting a lot of incredible feedback from folks that are using the online payments feature and want to say, Thank You! In this update, we added more payment processors. Plus, you can now use this online payments feature in Equipment Bookings, too! There are also new billing rate types to allow for more flexibility in how you want to set up your charges for bookings.
  • Individual Space Landing Page & Link: To help you provide outstanding service, we’ve added a standalone, perma-linked landing page for individual spaces. It's very useful. It has the availability grid for that space, directions, more information about the space, etc.
  • Friendly URLs for Events: Self explanatory, sure, but still really neat! Navigate to Calendars > Choose a Calendar > Add/Edit an Event to use this new option.
  • Copy Event Info From An Existing Event When Creating a New Event. A real time saver! Go to Calendars > Choose a Calendar > Create a New Event, then click on the ‘Find an event to copy’ link at the top of the Add Event screen.

LibCal is the most impressive calendaring solution and has made its way beyond the library. Keep up with LibCal by attending these upcoming webinars:

The updates for the LibAnswers Platform in this release are all centered around back-end benefits for your library team. 


  • Tickets & Reference Analytics - Have you wished you could have more details about the ticket you're working on? This update brings you that! In the Knowledge Base Explorer, tickets now show links to the related RefAnalytics record, if one had been submitted. In the RefAnalytics Transactions Explorer, the related Ticket is linked in the first column, if it’s related to a ticket. 
  • Internal setting -  We want you to be able to focus. Get work done. So how about fewer distractions? In the new LibChat Dashboard, the “Internal” setting now prevents ticket alerts from popping up.
  • No more missing LibChat charts - Stats are important. You need them. We fixed an issue that sometimes yielded no charts displaying in LibChat stats.
  • No more interference: There was an issue where LibChat widgets that aren’t in use were interfering with other page functions. We fixed that.

What's in this update for LibAuth, LibGuides and LibApps?

We've got a mix of fixes and features for you this release.

  • LibAuth setup wizard - We don't toss the word wizard around lightly! For those of you who are new to LibAuth and are members of the InCommon or UKFederation, setup is a breeze. It's as easy as searching for your institution name and, voila -- we’ll set up the rest!
  • Accessibility fixes - Accessibility is a top priority for us. This update, we eliminated duplicate IDs on the Guides by Subject page, when guides were assigned to multiple subjects. We also removed “Navigate to” from the beginning of the ARIA labels for page names. Use your screen reader to navigate to another page in a guide by typing the first letter of the page name (YMMV!). 
  • Guide statistics - We overhauled the back-end and improved the speed and waiting time of some reports for your guides.
  • LibApps Admins - You can now enable/disable others’ LibGuides profile pages.

Upcoming Updates

LibGuides has some great stuff in the updates queue for you. 

Be on the lookout for the following:

  • One world:  Soon, you will be able to enjoy the ability to copy a guide from any region. We split our server architecture over the last year or more into four regions: US, EU, CA, and AU. When we did that, we put all LG sites in those regions onto their appropriate servers, but they didn't talk to each other for guide copy. Today, when you go to search for a guide to copy, you'll only see results from your own region. This feature will mean that no matter what region you're in, you'll see results to copy from all regions.
  • Homecoming: We will bring guides from other regions back into the LibGuides community. Same as above, as we moved LG sites into other regions, guides from those systems no longer appeared in the LG community site. We're bringing them back.
  • Import news: On its way is the ability to import from SubjectsPlus, the open source CMS. We're starting with the import of "Pluslets," "Subjects," and users.

What can you expect from our latest solution LibCRM? 

We have sensational new features in store for you with our Customer Relationship Management tool designed specifically for Libraries. 

  • Email notifications: Focus on staying on top of your workload. Users/Admins in LibCRM will receive an email when they are assigned to a new task or project or profile.  They will be able to control whether or not they want to receive notifications for one or more of the notification types. 
  • Email marketing: This is a game changer. Customers will have the option to add Email Marketing to their LibCRM system.  The new module will include the ability to:
  1. Create distribution lists; 
  2. Send an email using Plain text or HTML;
  3. Allow recipients to unsubscribe;
  4. Have emails sent get recorded as interactions under the Person or Organization profile;
  5. Get information and statistics on email activity (for instance, opens, etc.)
  • System-wide statistics: You can look forward to a new Statistics page that will display system usage data in graphs and charts.  Users will be able to set date ranges for the data you want displayed and use the charts and graphs in your reporting.
  • User roles & permissions: On the docket is the establishment of roles & permissions. Admins will have the ability to assign users permission to perform certain operations based on specific roles in the system. 

Get ready to meet LibWizard v2!

You heard correctly. LibWizard has been re-written from the ground up to address a lot of issues and pain points with v1 such as:

  • Field rules: They've been completely re-written to make sure all the issues from v1 are gone.
  • More options: For instance, using grid and file upload as an if condition.
  • Quiz improvement:  This feature has been completely re-written to make sure answers are graded correctly.
  • Tutorials module: There are new options to allow for websites that don't allow embedding in a tutorial window.

We also added a few new features such as:

  • File upload and and encrypted submission data: This will soon be available for everyone with LibWizard Lite & Full.
  • Limit increased: LibWizard Full customers will get an increased maximum upload file size.
  • Granular view/edit permissions: You will soon be able to allow specific users to view or edit your LibWizard assets.
  • Dynamic email reply-to: You'll be able to hit reply to a patron right away when you receive an email from LibWizard.

Also on the horizon is:

  • A conditional TO: address: For example, you can set it up to email Joe if the user selects option "ILL."

We're so excited about LibWizard v2 and can't wait to share it with you -- coming April 2019! Make sure you hear about it.

Excellent new features have been added to LibStaffer time and again.

This upcoming code release will be no different. Start planning for these very cool new features!

  • Internal Message Board/Wall: Get ready to see a lot more team participation and communication. We will be creating an internal message board/wall for internal communication within LibStaffer. Admins will be able to post new message threads for important announcements, etc.  All users will be able to comment on each individual message on the message wall. It's the new virtual watercooler, breakroom, and bulletin board!
  • Available hours report: We will be adding a new report to show all staff available hours in one central location.

It seems like LibCal has been an exciting solution for us since its launch. 

We thank you in the Springyverse for all of your steady interest and incredible input. Your feedback is vital to our mission to make sure LibCal and Equipment Booking is a must-have for libraries and beyond.

Here is what's around the corner from our tech team:

  • Oauth 2.0 authorization for Exchange/Outlook sync: We will be adding support for using the OAuth 2.0 authentication method for the integration/sync of appointments and space bookings.
  • Discount Code Support for Online Payments – We will be adding support to create, manage, and allow patrons to apply discount codes to events, equipment, and space bookings.

Always a good question: What's new with the LibAnswers Platform?

Let's talk about the new Backup Staff Coverage Module that's on the way.

  • Your choice coverage levels - Who knows better than you how much or how little coverage help you need... and when? Nobody! You get to decide. 
  • Cooperative -- In or out? - Not sure if you want to participate in the co-op or simply opt to just get backup coverage instead? We'll help answer any questions, and then you choose what's best for your library's needs. 
  • Chat backup plus - Libraries get super busy sometimes. You may find that it would be great to have an extra pair of hands during those rushes. Our backup will be there for more than just chat services, should you need it. 

Stay in the springy loop. The Springshare blog is your first source for update news.