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SpringyNews - Building Strong Relationships

March 2019

Easy Ways To Nurture Your Important Relationships

Establishing a relationship is fairly simple. It's about connecting the dots. Building upon that relationship takes defined goals, and earnest strategic efforts.

Springshare tools have useful features to let important relationships know:

  • You value them
  • You understand their challenges
  • You have integrity

LibCal - You Are Here.

How do you show your patrons, students, faculty and staff they are valued? Make time for them.

  • More Specificity In Availability - When setting up availability in LibCal Appointments, try and provide more than a range of times. Try dividing up availability times by location.
    Specify that from 9am to 11:30am you will be in your office and then from 1pm to 4pm you're available at a different branch or campus library.

Newly Released LibCal Feature

We aim to be a real partner for your library. As you grow and evolve, so do we with regular updates that address your concerns and specifics. 

  • Understanding Challenges - There are a number of connections in the library including the parent/child relationship for groups of spaces. You have shared with us this particular -- but not uncommon -- scenario and we heard you! With this latest update, make a large meeting room the parent of two smaller meeting rooms. So that there is no confusion with booking these spaces, we made it so that:
  1. If the Parent space is busy, the child spaces will not be available for booking;
  2. If any of the child spaces are booked, the parent space will be unavailable.

Sometimes it's the little things that matter most. To learn about all the new LibCal feature updates, don't miss this Training Tidbits session.


LibCal how to make parent/child relationship. Go to: Admin, Equipment & Spaces, click on spaces link for a location, edit an individual space, general tab

LibCRM: Getting To Know You

LibCRM - Building Relationships for Better Customer Service.

Love at first sight stories are fun at dinner parties, but real rewards come from the efforts made to build relationships.

LibCRM is designed to help your library grow, maintain, and improve its relationships with patrons, vendors, organizations, donors, etc.

  • Holistic Views - People are complicated. You may be communicating with a donor who is also an alumnus and a member of the City Council. LibCRM lets you build profiles on each customer. Each profile paints an in-depth picture of how they interact with the library and their inter-relationships with other users and organizations.
  • Robust Task Management - One of the easiest ways to establish trust in a relationship and to work with integrity is to call when you say you're going to call. It's simple. LibCRM has a task manager that will help you keep the work that has to be done sorted.

Read our client stories for great use cases