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SpringyNews - Stay Agile With Flexible Technology

June 2019

Using Your Technology At The Speed of Right.

They say timing is everything. Kids know exactly when to ask parents to sign a permission slip. Timing may be a factor in getting a promotion or finding the least expensive plane tickets to a popular destination. But the only time that matters to patrons is how long it takes you to get them what they need. There's the turnaround time that it takes to get their questions answered. How long it takes them to successfully book an appointment or reserve a room. Those are the metrics of customer service. 

Springshare tools are designed to help your library be as efficient as possible. Sometimes, you might want to see how things can be done faster. Other times, your best bet might be in slowing things down. We're here to help.

 LibWizard - Five-Star Fast

These days, because of social media and mobile devices, impressions can travel around the world so fast -- you absolutely must wear your Tweetbelt. Wouldn't it be great if you could get feedback from your patrons this quickly, too? LibWizard gives you 3 super easy options to do just that! Give everyone a chance to rate anything from selection to satisfaction to frequency and more via:

  • One click of a radio dial
  • One click of stars 1 to 5
  • One zip of a sliding scale 

People look at the question option and know exactly what to do. Et voilà! You have actionable data. Plus, you can set your LibWizard forms, surveys, quizzes and tutorials to notify you via email as soon as one is completed. How's that for getting a quick update?

 LibStaffer - Know In A Flash

When you're managing a workforce, often the first questions of the day are:

  • Who's coming in today?
  • When will s/he get here?
  • Where is everybody?
  • Who's here right now?

LibStaffer answers all these questions in the blink of an eye! You can generate a report of the scheduled shifts. For a quick overview of who is clocked in and out, view the Staff Current Status Report. Plus, you can customize a schedule's location settings to use geolocation restriction aka geofencing. Enable time clock settings and you'll know when staff arrive for and leave their shifts. In a Library minute, you'll know everything you need to know to have a productive day. 



LibAuth - Your Velvet Ropes

Of course, sometimes you don't want people zipping through your systems. Maybe you want to control who has access to what. The general public should not be able to book the big auditorium. The very expensive recording equipment ought to be used by Grad Students, Faculty and Staff only. Slow down -- and look into using LibAuth to help you integrate your institution's authentication system with Springshare's LibApps. 

LibAuth works with:

Requiring patron authentication in various parts of your Springshare systems is something that really helps ensure that restricted content stays that way.