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SpringyNews - New Age Of Instruction

August 2019

Welcome to the Age of...LibWizard?

The world of instruction is constantly changing and more and more of it is happening online. More than 5 million people were enrolled in some kind of online distance learning by 2015!1

Users are no longer just looking for traditional, in-person instruction. If you do an article search for "online instruction" today, more than 95,000 articles will show up, telling you all about getting ahead of the curve with implementing online instruction. We're not just going to tell you how people are getting ahead of the curve, though-- we're going to help you get there!

Here in Springy land, we're always looking to keep our users up to date with our products. With the ever-changing instructional environment setting new curves all the time, we want to make it easy for you to put together digital instruction that helps your users learn whenever they want, where ever they want.

The new age of instruction can only begin when you have just the right tool to help you get started: LibWizard 2.0!

What is this tool?

For those of you who aren't familiar with LibWizard, this product combines all the feedback and assessment functionality your library needs into one easy-to-use platform. Interactive learning is made simple with easy to build content for your staff and straightforward navigation for your users. With LibWizard, you can get:

While all of these features are awesome in their own right, the tutorials module is what your institution needs to get going with those awesome interactive instruction sessions!

Drag & Drop

You can create powerful tutorials with just a few clicks and some drag and drop actions!

Demonstrating drag and drop feature in tutorials

The instruction options are endless!

LibWizard has innumerable possibilities, no matter what type of institution you are. We've made a list of just a few of those to give you some ideas!

Public Libraries
Academic Libraries
K-12 Libraries

How to use the public catalog

How to book a study room

How to book a tutor

How to add eContent to your device

How to use our Discovery layer

How to find your reading list

How to sign up for a library card

How to format your citations

How to start your library research

How to request new materials

How to sign up for courses

How to find your school schedule


Your Nontraditional Learners

Taking Tutorial on Catalog SearchingNontraditional learners are rapidly becoming part of the new norm in institutions. Not only can you cater to these students with new forms of instruction, but you can encourage all users to become lifelong learners. Tutorials can provide your users with more flexibility than ever before:

  • What time of day can users access tutorials? Whenever they find the time! Your library doesn't have to be open for them to be accessible.
  • Where can they learn? Wherever makes sense for them! Using tutorials means they can be available for all users.
  • How long do they have? However long it takes! These can be done at whatever pace works for you and for them.

What new features?!

You may be thinking: "Well, we've already seen this product!" Think again! LibWizard version 2 is now out in a theater near you. Okay, maybe not a theater, but it is out and it's even better than version 1!

Here is a taste of those new features:

  • LibAuth integration to allows you to put any form, survey, quiz, or tutorial behind a login, so only users at your institution to access it
  • Seamless embeddable widgets (Don't want the LibWizard header? Don't use it!)
  • Certificate of Completion for Quizzes & Tutorials
  • More advanced email options

We've also got more features coming with every release! You can read more about these features on our Buzz Guide!