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SpringyNews - On Your March, Get Set, Go!

March 2020

Get Ready For Summer Programs with LibCal!

‚ÄčSpring is the time when public libraries start to gear up for the busiest season of the year - summer! Whether you’re planning for a jam-packed season of events, or just looking to make your life easier when it comes to planning programs, here are the top five things you can do to get your LibCal calendar ready for summer: 

1. Set up Event Templates 

  1. Set up templates for events - it can make scheduling recurring programs a breeze! You can create templates from scratch, or create one from an existing event. 

  2. Learn more about creating event templates.  

2. Save Event Reminder Email Templates

  1. You can create summer-specific reminder emails!  When a patron registers for events, you can include seasonal details in the reminder. 

  2. Learn more about customizing event email reminders. 

3. Add Your Summer Reading Program Images

  1. If you are using any summer program images, you can upload those images to the shared image manager ahead of time. This way if you have multiple staff who will be entering new events on to the calendar, everyone will have access to add the same images to their events.  

  2. Learn how to add images to the shared image manager 

4. Create Categories and Tags for Summer

  1. You probably already have categories for age groups or library departments, but you can add additional categories to make it even easier for staff and patrons to filter your calendar of events. Add a new category of "Summer" to your programs. This will help patrons find just those events that are part of the summer reading program. 

  2. You can also set up tags to be used just for staff. For example, if you'd like to be able to pull up a report of all of the summer events that were funded by the Friends of the Library - simply add a tag to each event, "Friends" and you can search for this tag in your calendar's event explorer. 

  3. Learn more about how to create tags.  

  4. Learn more about how to create categories.

5. Create Program Widgets

  1. With the "Summer" category, you can create a calendar widget to display a listing of your summer events anywhere on your website.

  2. If your library has a popular summer event, such as outdoor concerts, or movie nights, consider making a widget just for these events and embed it on your website!

  3. Learn how to create an event widget. 

Summer may be just a few months away, but with these tips, your event calendar will be ready in no time! By using the built in tools in LibCal, you can add your events more efficiently, and help your users find and attend all of your amazing summer programs.