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SpringyNews - Moving Forward

May 2020

Springshare: Supporting Libraries Moving Forward

Chief Springy Slaven

Things are tough right now. Since March, we've been hearing from our customers, we've been listening to libraries everywhere, and we've been discussing how we can help your library move forward -- whatever that looks like for you. This edition of SpringyNews is a result of these efforts. :)

We've rounded up a collection of LibGuides Tips and Tricks focused on web design practices that will help you improve trustworthiness and communication with patrons and among staff members. Within them, we link to FAQs and training so you can start working on applying them to your LibGuides site right away!

The following pages address areas where you’re facing challenges right now and how Springshare’s tools can help you.

This newsletter tackles three big COVID-19 questions:

  • Online Learning - How do we best connect students to research appointments online, our LibGuides resources, and E-Reserves course materials?
  • Reopening Tools - What LibCal features let us manage the transition from online to in-person library activities? What kinds of data should we be collecting for when it's time to defend our budgets, and how can we do that with our Springshare tools?
  • Remote Staffing Workflows - What can we use to improve staff communication, coordinate efforts where possible, and streamline notifications so the right staff member can jump in where needed?

Quick library pivots = Quick product updates

In March and May, we rolled out new updates to help you move to online services - like LibCal's online appointments and events features - and bolster your virtual reference desks. Now as some libraries are taking steps to reopen, we're continuing to develop ways to help you manage library activity safely and provide online services long term.

Libraries around the world are making difficult decisions as the best way to move forward that will protect the safety of their patrons and staff while still providing needed services to their communities. There are what feels like a million unanswered questions and different implementation options. We hope we can provide some support in these efforts.

Wishing you well where you are. From our team to yours, thanks for being on board with us. :)

-The Springy Team