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July 2020

Fostering Community Spaces Online

Even with new chat technology and communication methods, it's still easy to feel isolated from others, no matter if we're going to work or staying at home. With Springy tools, you can create spaces to share information, bring people together, answer questions, and gather community data. We've rounded up some tips by product type to help in these efforts and provide a little inspiration. Additionally, we snuck in a couple of new accessibility features that improve the usability of our tools for all users.

While there's really no complete substitute for face to face interaction, we can do what we can to reduce barriers to access and help people feel a little less alone.

LibCal LogoLibCal

New online meeting options!

In addition to adding new features for reopening in-person library activities, the LibCal team has been adding a bevy of new online meeting features, so you can manage and share all types of library activities from one site. 

Last month, we added Microsoft Teams integration with Appointment and Events! Once it's created as an Azure app and enabled in your LibCal site, your users can authorize Teams individually so meeting URLs will automatically generate with new appointments and meetings -- and shared with your attendees.

Additionally, we recently added Zoom webinar and password creation support options for Zoom integration!

Appointments accessibility feature

In July, we filled in the last remaining gap in our color settings. Now, LibCal users can set color and pattern preferences for the admin-side grid! Not only can admins select colors sitewide, but individual accounts can choose their own based on their own vision requirements.


LibInsight LogoLibInsight Full

Easily monitor and share big picture library usage dataLibInsight Dashboard example

Keep stakeholders in the know with dashboards

Combine different datasets into a dashboard, so you can provide an online, automatically updated full library report. You can add as many dashboards as you need in case the library board, dean, or other governing authority needs a specific set of statistics.

LibAnswers LogoLibAnswers

Extend your "opening hours" by adding chat fallbacks

LibChat widgets are not limited to just one department, operator, or cooperative. With the fallback feature, you can assign a series of backup options in case the primary one is offline, increasing the chances that a patron will encounter an online chat widget. Our training team just hosted a new session dedicated to creating widgets and setting fallbacks! Watch the recorded video in our training video library.

Need more chat coverage? Consider adding the 24/7 LibAnswers Cooperative! Check out our webinar to learn more and ask about joining.

Meet your patrons "face to face" with screensharing & video

Simply put, screensharing is a game-changer for chat services, and it's available for all LibAnswers platform subscribers. Once enabled and linked to chat operators, you can share your screen, video chat, record the session, and share the file with your patrons. 

We're busy working on new integration options, too, so keep an eye on our update announcements!

LibGuides LogoLibGuides

Create online meeting spaces in your guidesBuild a Campus Tour video

For more on building community with LibGuides, head to the LibGuides Tricks page to read Twanna Hodge's piece on creating anti-racist and inclusive guides.


LibWizard LogoLibWizard

Give members of your community a voice onlineRegister for the COVID-19 history project SpringyCamp session

  • Create a COVID-19 history / art project, like University Archives at Minnesota State University Mankato! Hear about how they did it in their upcoming SpringyCamp presentation.
  • Create a feedback survey to understand which digital and online services are most needed by your community
  • Share a reopening form so students and patrons can report their curbside pickup and library visit feedback.