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SpringyNews - Milestones

December 2020

Onwards and Upwards to 2021!

Chief Springy Slaven

It's been a tough year to say the least. For our 50th edition and tenth year of SpringyNews, we're choosing to take the "glass half full" approach and focus on the things worth celebrating. The things we're proud to say we tried, we accomplished, and we achieved. The things we couldn't have done without one another!

To celebrate this 50th SpringyNews milestone and the start of the new year, we're: 

You could say making it through the year is a milestone in itself. Here at Springy HQ we've also seen record-setting usage of our apps, support loads, training attendance, and product development timelines. In 2020 we launched several new solutions to address our customers’ immediate and long-term needs post-pandemic - LibCal SeatsPickup Manager, and the 24/7 Global Chat Cooperative. We're ready to wrap up 2020 and take on 2021.

We're here with you through it all, and we hope you are well where you are. From our team to yours, thanks for being on board with us, and wishing you a happy (early) new year. :)

-The Springy Team