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SpringyNews - Milestones

December 2020

2020 in review (so far)

Farewell, 2020! We can all agree we're happy to see it go. And while it may not feel like it, there are some accomplishments worth recognizing.

You've been busy!

During difficult times You. Stepped. Up. We've marveled at everyone's efforts to increase critical information available online, switch to and launch remote servies, and still be there for their communities.

2020 LibGuides, LibAnswers
& LibCal activity

Guides built
4.7 million
Chats Answered
4.2 million
Tickets fielded
1 million
Programs & Events
5 million
Spaces bookings

We've been there to help,
every step of the way.

Here at Springy HQ we've also seen record-setting usage of our apps, support loads, training attendance, and product development timelines.

In 2020 we expanded our CX team and launched new solutions to address our customers’ immediate and long-term needs post-pandemic.

Support Questions (⬆️ 19%!)
Training Attendees
Ask site FAQ views
Ask site searches
SpringyU video views
Major Releases

Springy Milestones...


Retired LibAnalytics for LibInsight


24/7 Global Chat Cooperative!
1,000,000 LibGuide 🎉

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