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December 2020

2021 Trends... Plus Timesaving Springy Tool Tips

Times are tough but we can't help but feel a little optimistic with the new year finally (finally!) around the corner. And while the next few months remain difficult and unclear, there is good news on the horizon. 

We've learned the hard way that yearly trend predictions may be tossed in the trash by March, but there are a few that feel like safe bets. :knocks on wood:

Here are service trends we've identified that are here to stay, along with how you can use your Springy tools to accomplish them!

Streamlined Communication with LibAnswers & LibWizard

The way we talk to and connect with one another suddenly changed this year. And while there is no complete substitute for in-person interactions, for some, there have been benefits to this forced shift to remote communication and reference services. You've also hopefully found tools that have allowed you to improve, and continue to improve upon, your inter- and intra-personal communication.

For LibAnswers and LibWizard users looking to make your workflows even simpler, we have a few tips for you!

Route all library requests & communication into LibAnswers

In his Learning Lab presentation, Ken Winter pointed to the LibAnswers dashboard as critical to collaboration and continuity when they shifted to remote work. They route all incoming messages, which could include email, SMS/text, chat, Facebook, and Twitter messages through LibAnswers.

Harness the power of screensharing

Showing is better than telling. We've heard from Springy customers that the ability to share their screens in LibAnswers is especially helpful when there are language barriers or when visual explanations would be easier to understand than typed explanations.

LibChat for External & Internal Conversations

Organizing LibAnswers users by LibChat department not only makes it easier to jointly monitor patron-facing widgets, but it also allows you to engage in group internal chats and host online meetings via screensharing!

You can see it in action in our Internal Chats SpringyU Block video, along with full setup guidance.

Never miss a chat with 24/7 Global Chat Cooperative backup

The 24/7 LibAnswers Cooperative can help all library types achieve 24/7/365 chat services academic library consortia, public libraries, and university libraries! When you join, it seamlessly integrates with your existing LibChat widgets, and coverage is staffed with MLS-degreed librarians.

Ensure LibWizard replies get to the right person

Using a form/survey/tutorial/quiz's advanced sending options to send email replies a particular user or provided email address. This setting is especially helpful for fulfilling document requests!

Send targeted notification emails in LibWizard

Reduce the odds of a notification email getting lost or overlooked by routing notification emails! Even choose to send submissions to specific folks based on a patron/student's response. 

Side by Side: In Person & Online Options with LibCal

It's safe to say that dual in-person and online offerings will last through the rest of the pandemic and even beyond. Zoom fatigue aside, we've found there are a few advantages to the flexibility of online programs, provided we have the equipment and internet connection to access them.

With LibCal, you can benefit from its many in-person and online features. Here are a few things you can do with either formats, plus ways you can quickly shift from one to the other.

Pickup Scheduling, Communication & Management

[No audio] See how easy it is
to communicate via Pickup Manager!

We still have a few months or longer before we can linger over library shelves and in our favorite indoor spaces.

And post-pandemic, pickup options will still be around for books, printed materials, and the like - whether it's at a parking space, table, or dedicated desk.

In case you haven't heard, our newly released Pickup Manager cuts down on the back and forth of arranging item pickups.

With flexible scheduling, streamlined mobile chat and SMS/text options, plus ILS integration, it cuts down on the double work required in many pickup workflows.

We have more features in the works, like automatic checkout functionality, LibCal Equipment checkouts, and ILL integration. Plus, it's affordable!

Site Security in All Apps

Site security is incredibly important to us, which is why all Springshare tools are required to load securely over HTTPS. This is great for your staff and end-users because it helps to thwart intruders from tampering with the communications between your websites and your users’ browsers. 

If you have a custom site domain (such as, don't forget you can take advantage of a Springshare managed Let's Encrypt certificate instead of purchasing and uploading your own! And all Springshare domain sites (,, e.g.) are automatically secured with Let's Encrypt certificates.

Since 2018, we've been offering this free service to all customers with Springshare and custom domains, and we take care of its install and renewal. It's a hands-off process, saving you time and money!