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SpringyNews - Are You Connecting?

September 2021

Helping You Connect With Your Communities

Chief Springy Slaven

Over the past year and a half, we have been spending much of our lives in front of a screen. As we're trying to stay productive, how is it possible to break through the stream of new notifications, emails, text messages, and other "pings" that make up the soundtrack of our lives so we can focus on what's important? How can we reach our community members who are experiencing the same disruptions? How can we communicate quickly and clearly? And how can we connect with students, patrons, and colleagues?

This newsletter seeks to answer these questions with: 

Right now, library staff are coming up with creative (or sometimes, surprisingly simple) solutions to engage users online and streamline workflows integral to student/staff success or patron needs. And here at Springshare, we're doing what we can to support you while keeping an eye on the future as we design impactful features, big or small.

Good things are on the horizon :fingers-crossed: and as always, we're here with you through it all. From our team to yours, thanks for being on board with us. :)

-The Springy Team