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SpringyNews - Are You Connecting?

September 2021

What Happened At #SpringyCamp?

There's nothing like connecting with your coworkers, even if it's virtually. This year, we had an incredible four day SpringyCamp event where hundreds of Springy users connected with each other, learning, and sharing... from around the world. And while SpringyCamp 2021 might be over, you can still experience the fun, collegial knowledge-sharing, and virtual s'mores (calorie-free)! 

'Camp Redux

This year, SpringyCamp took place over four weeks! We dedicated one day per week to 'Camp, with a unique track of presentations on each day. All in all, it made for a successful SpringyCamp because:

  • Each day of 'Camp was short! Instead of spending a whole workday, attendees could join us for a few hours. 
  • We implemented themes. Each track represented a group of presenters around a theme.
  • We added panels. Sometimes you need a break from the PowerPoint slides! This year, we added a few panel talks that covered a range of topics from the pandemic to creating social awareness and unity.
  • Everyone played games. This year, we had a SpringyCamp bingo card! If you had a bingo, you were entered into our drawing.

Quick 'Camp Breakdown

It would be impossible for us to give a breakdown of each day of SpringyCamp - you'd end up scrolling for a lonnnnng time. Instead, we're going to give you a quick high-level breakdown and spotlight one presentation from each track.

Presentations in this track focused on ways to engage users with Springshare tools.


Harnessing LibCal Seat Reservation Data to Improve Library Spaces
Jena Styka, Case Western Reserve University

Using data from the LibCal Seats reservation system, Jena was able to create a visual heat map of the most used spaces and seats in the library during the pandemic. This data influenced how and where furniture was organized to increase usage and flow of library spaces.

Presentations in this track focused on how the pandemic has impacted their worklife and how Springshare tools played a factor.


Panel: Being a Librarian in a Pandemic
Five librarians from academic libraries around the world discuss policies that they're going to keep in place post-pandemic, services that were paused, creative ways you kept personal relationships with staff and patrons during a time of virtual-only interactions, and more.

Presentations in this track focused on how the workplace has been reimagined for the last year including workplace communication and patron services.


Find us Online: Using LibGuides to Enhance Public Programs for All Ages
Kristen Rodriguez and Sarah Divine, NSU Alvin Sherman Library

These public services librarians discuss how they used LibGuides for virtual book clubs, stem programs, a self-directed hobbies program that included step-by-step instructions and videos, and so much more.

Do you care about the user online experience? Presentations in this track focus on design, templating, and awesome tools to make the user experience top notch!


Streamline Your Design Process with the UX Brief
Leigh Jackson and Stephanie Quail, York University (CA)

This amazing presentation covers how you can leverage UX planning techniques for LibGuides. Presenters cover situations where LibGuides have to be built in multiple languages and they share helpful resources and design strategies.