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SpringyNews - On the Flip Side

December 2021

LibConnect: Email Marketing with ILS Integration

In our last newsletter, we announced our newest Springy tool, LibConnect + Email Marketing! In this edition, we will take a deeper look into how this tool, especially the new ILS Integration feature, will save you time and improve workflow. On the flip side, we’ll explore the visual and usability features we know your patrons will appreciate. 

Always Up to Date, Always Relevant

From a librarian’s perspective, LibConnect's new ILS Integration tool is a total game-changer. This feature auto-retrieves patron information directly from your ILS and has auto-update functionality to keep your data accurate. This means that if a patron changes status in your ILS, for example changing from a freshman to a sophomore or from a child to a young adult, it will auto-update that change in LibConnect. You decide which data fields should be imported to your LibConnect system and what should be left behind. 

ILS Integration is especially handy for creating and maintaining segmented user groups. These groups can be easily turned into email lists, which allow you to email specific groups of users about the information that is most relevant to them.

On the flip side, this feature is quite useful for patrons as well! Sending targeted emails to specific user groups will mean that only the most pertinent information reaches each of your patron user groups! Here are some examples:   

  • Send a 'back-to-school' email to students returning to campus in the fall. 
  • Send a welcome email to new patrons highlighting your most important library services.
  • Announce new content acquisitions throughout the year, targeting the subject matter to specific audiences.  

Drag and Drop Email Builder: Easy to Create and Visually Appealing

The email builder is super easy to use and comes with customizable templates! You can upload your own images or make use of our integration with Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay to access more than 500,000 Creative Commons Zero licensed images for your marketing emails. 

On the patron side, visually appealing emails are more fun to receive than traditional text, but more importantly, they are easier to navigate. Using images, buttons, and embedded links helps get the most important messages across.  

Build customized marketing emails! 


Multi-Device Previewing and Content Customization

The Email Marketing Tool allows you to:

  • View how your email will display on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Choose which pieces of content to display on desktop email clients vs. mobile devices

From the patron's perspective, emails from the library will display flawlessly on all devices! If you’ve ever tried to open an email or look at a website on a device it wasn’t optimized for, you know just how frustrating the experience can be. Customizing content and previewing before sending will make sure that everything looks exactly right.  

Want to learn more about the LibConnect Email Marketing Tool and ILS Integration? Contact us for information!