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December 2021

Recent Updates - October & November 2021

Here are some highlights from our October and November LibCal updates!

  • We've added 15, 30, & 45 minutes options to the "Patron Must Book In Advance" setting in Appointments. 
  • We've reconfigured the calendar settings menu! All options & settings have been moved out of modal windows & now display in tabs that can be easily accessed when viewing an event calendar on the admin side of LibCal. 
  • You can now choose when the "Due Soon" reminder email is sent for Daily & Hourly booking categories! Head to Admin>Spaces & Equipment>Edit Location>General>Email Settings to control when these emails send. 

  • For sites set up to process payments, we've added support for sending the Booking ID, Location, Category, Space, Booking From Date/Time & Booking To Date/Time to Stripe. 

Looking for more LibCal features and fixes? Check out the LibCal release notes on the Springshare Lounge!

This fall included exciting updates for LibGuides and LibApps!


  • We are especially excited to announce that custom favicons have arrived!!! Yes, you can now customize your LibGuides favicons. What's a favicon? It's the little icon on your browser tab, just to the left of the page title. 
  • We've added a new Location field to the Book/eBook/Chapter, Article, and Media E-Reserves item types.


  • The LibApps LTI 1.3 Tool has added support for Canvas and Blackboard LMS

Don't miss additional LibGuides and LibApps release goodness in the release notes over on the Lounge!

The LibAnswers team has been hard at work bringing these new features to a computer near you: 

  • Quality of Service Surveys can now be scheduled to start/stop ahead of time!
  • You can now reorder the display of fields in Reference Analytics datasets! This will only apply to the view of these fields for adding transactions, browsing, and exporting these transactions.
  • Nicknames can now be used on Tickets! 
  • We've created a new Patrons page, designed to view patron activity in your LibAnswers system! On this page, admins can see a snapshot of which patrons are the most active in their system and what activity is happening. Along with this, admins will also have the ability to edit patron records on this page across all interactions. Please note, this new page also follows the same privacy standards as the rest of your LibAnswers system. If privacy scrub is enabled, data will be scrubbed (removed) on your selected scrub schedule.

Check out the LibAnswers release notes on the Springshare Lounge for more complete information on past and future updates.

Check out these LibStaffer updates from October and November:

  • We're excited to bring you a new ability to limit the maximum number of consecutive days a staff member can be scheduled for shifts across all schedules! 

  • We've heard your requests and are excited to add support for assigning multiple supervisors to a given staff member, so that multiple folks can approve Time Off requests! When a person has multiple supervisors, Time Off requests are sent to every supervisor for that account, and any supervisor can approve any Time Off request.  

  • We've moved the settings for assigning a user to a schedule to the top of the add/edit Account holder screen for easy access and added a warning when creating a new account to let you know if a schedule hasn't been assigned.

You can find more LibStaffer release notes on the Springshare Lounge!

Check out these updates from the LibInsight team: 

  • We've added the "Chart Variable Options" in our Cross Dataset Analysis page so that you can save, save as, load, edit, and delete Cross Dataset Analysis variables.
  • Our Manage Dataset screens are now using Bootstrap 4! Please note that if you are using custom CSS for your datasets and widgets, you may need to re-adjust your CSS accordingly to Bootstrap 4's conventions.

Check out more from this release in the LibInsight release notes on the Springshare Lounge!

The LibConnect team has been very busy over the past few months! Here are some highlights: 

  • ILS Integration has arrived! You can now import patron data directly from your ILS to LibConnect. 
  • We've created a variety of email templates that can be customized and saved for reuse. 
  • We've revamped the distribution list feature and added an auto-update option. These lists allow you to send emails to segmented user groups. 
  • The new Aggregated Stats module allows you to visualize campaign stats by type, category, and date. 

New to LibConnect? Hop on over to the LibConnect section to learn more about ILS Integration and Email Marketing! 

Upcoming Updates

The LibCal team has a few exciting things lined up for the new year! 

  • In our December release, we'll be bringing official support for hybrid events that can occur both in-person and online. We'll be adding support for managing the available number of registrations for both the online and in-person portion of the event, and expanding our email template abilities so each group of attendees can receive different sets of instructions for accessing the event.
  • We are working on a new Daily space booking option, to help with managing resources that are booked on a daily basis instead of an hourly basis. 

Keep an eye out for these features from the LibAnswers team!

  • The Internal Status on the LibChat Dashboard is getting its own status icon so people can tell who is online internally and who is online for public chats.
  • Queue Admins and Shared Group System Group admins will be able to view the Quality of Service Statistics and Reports for queues and chats they have admin permissions for.

Here's what's coming up for LibConnect: 

  • We are working on updating the data import tool, which will allow for simpler importing memberships, relations, and interactions in a much simpler way.
  • We like it when our tools work together seamlessly, so we'll be improving the way LibConnect works with LibAnswers and LibChat and adding new integration with other Springy tools like LibWizard and LibGuides. 
  • LibConnect has already seen some exciting changes this year but we plan to keep adding new workflows and functionality to make it easier and faster for all users! 

The LibGuides/LibApps team has a few things coming down the pipeline this winter, including...

  • We'll be adding a tool that will allow LibGuides admin users to bulk delete unmapped assets.

Keep an eye out for updates

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