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August 2022

Did We See You at #SpringyCamp?

We had an awesome two-day SpringyCamp this year! Hundreds of Springy users connected with each other, learning, sharing, and even hearing a few very "scary" campfire stories.

Camp Recap

This year, SpringyCamp took place on two action-packed days over the course of two weeks! We dedicated one day per week to 'Camp, with a strong lineup of presentations on each day. We'd say this year was a smashing success; here are some things that made it work:

  • SpringyCamp was held at two different times to accommodate different time zones and availability for both presenters and attendees.
  • Questions and conversations were encouraged! We heard from many of you in the Zoom chat and in the Springshare Lounge.
  • A few lucky libraries received camp kits! These kits included everything needed to enjoy a day of fun at Camp, including a faux fire, stickers, and of course, some snacks!
  • There were games. This year, we had a SpringyCamp bingo card and a fun-filled library scavenger hunt! If you played along, you were entered into our drawing.

Quick Camp Breakdown

There were so many great presentations this year - we'd suggest you hop on over to the SpringyCamp site and watch them all! However, a few stood out as being particularly timely and useful for Springy users, and we've highlighted those below.

Day 1 Lineup

On Day 1, we saw presentations on a variety of topics from database evaluation with LibInsight to embedding instruction tidbits with the help of resource icons!


New Program Possibilities with LibWizard Tutorials
Kayla Harris and Jason Wardell, University of Dayton

The University of Dayton Libraries had tremendous participation for virtual programming events designed in LibWizard Tutorials during the 2020-2021 academic year. With in-person events resuming, we have continued to use LibWizard Tutorials for programming and expanded this use for hybrid events.


Embedding Creativity into Your Guides
Meredith Kostek, Lewis and Clark Law School

From videos, to interactive slides, to Padlet timelines, to Canva created advertising and newsletters, there's no end to the innovative ways you can communicate with your patrons. This presentation will take you through the nuts and bolts of embedding, then on a creative journey opening up the possibilities of what you can add to your own LibGuides. 

We saw some stellar LibGuides and LibWizard presentations on Day 2 of SpringyCamp! 


Springy Tools & The Day of Research
Brian Holda and Emily Hayes, Davenport University

Brian and Emily explore how Springshare tools helped revolutionize the Davenport University (DU) Day of Research during the COVID pandemic and continues doing so today. LibGuides was used as a hub for the event itself, LibWizard was used for submissions and judging, and LibCal is slated to be used for scheduling future events.

Springy Tools & The Day of Research


Collections As Service: Developing Openly Licensed Training Resources for Library Professionals
Leigh Jackson and Stephanie Quail, York University (CA)

Recent research suggests that workers expect employers to provide vibrant training. Library professionals need new skills that spark both innovation and fruitful collaboration. To encourage continuous learning, Leigh and Stephanie are constructing openly licensed professional development resources using LibGuides.

Collections As Service: Developing Openly Licensed Training Resources for Library Professionals