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August 2022

Recent Updates - Summer 2022

  • Heatmap reports have arrived! Heatmaps work with LibCal's interactive mapping module to show you which seats get the most use and how you might organize your seating for optimal use! Find the new report under Spaces > Heatmaps.
  • OAuth for Exchange is now available as an SMTP option for Email Sending. Please note: You will need to work with your local IT Department to set this method up.
  • Billing: The "Pay via Credit Card" button will no longer be active if a site is not connected to a payment processor on the admin side.
  • Events: We've added the event "pills" to the "Vertical" public Calendar Card view.

Looking for more LibCal features and fixes? Check out the LibCal release notes on the Springshare Lounge!

Recent LibGuides and LibApps updates include: 


  • We've added the ability to bulk delete assets (including unmapped assets!).
  • We've updated our search logic for improved performance.
  • We've restored the ability to copy A-Z links by letter.


  • We now support the LTI 1.3 standard for the Sakai Learning Management System, bringing it up to par with our support for other major LMS providers like Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle and Brightspace.
  • We added LTI 1.3 support for Moodle LMS.

Don't miss additional LibGuides and LibApps release goodness in the release notes over on the Lounge!

The LibAnswers team has been hard at work bringing these new features to a computer near you: 

  • There is now a "Short Answer" field available in FAQs to display short, concise answers to questions in the API (and we've got some additional plans for it as well!).
  • Chat Transcripts exported using the "Status=Answered" and filters now export as expected.
  • Users with a scheduled, active "Out of Office" status change should no longer see the status revert back to "No" if they save new, unrelated account settings.

Check out the LibAnswers release notes on the Springshare Lounge for more complete information on past and future updates.

LibInsight has seen some exciting updates this summer!

  • We've done some more ACRL analysis report improvements! "Peer Benchmarking" allows you to compare how your library did in relation to your fellow peer libraries.

Check out more from this release in the LibInsight release notes on the Springshare Lounge!

The LibConnect team has had a busy summer so far! 

  • Person & Organization Profile Updates:

    • We have added the ability for account holders to set the data fields they want to see on the table 

    • We have also added the ability to bulk delete profiles.

  • We've added the ability to bulk delete, archive, and reactivate interactions; select which table fields to display; and duplicate interactions.
  • We've revamped the Manage Integration experience to give you more control over the information that's coming from LibCal and LibAnswers.
  • Admins can now limit permissions for sending email campaigns and duplicating interactions.

Here's what's new in LibStaffer land:

  • We've added a filter to run the Time Off report for only "All Day Event" records.
  • We've added the ability to email the assignee for direct dropped shift assignments.
  • We've added a redis cache "lock & release" for shift claims to prevent duplicate shift claiming. This should help address issues around when 2 people attempt to claim the same shift at virtually the same time.

Upcoming Updates

Important LibCal updates are coming your way soon!

  • Coming Soon: Museum Passes are on their way! We're working on a new module for LibCal that will introduce the ability to easily loan both physical and digital Museum Passes. If your site is interested in partnering with us to help develop this feature, please get in touch with our support team - we'd love to talk with you!!
  • X-frame update - At the end of September, we'll update LibCal's X-frame security headers to prevent LibCal sites from being loaded in an iframe. If you're currently loading your LibCal site in an iFrame: We recommend evaluating your current solution now to determine how it will need to be updated by September. LibCal offers extensive widgets and APIs that should suit most needs!

We are excited to announce that the LibAnswers Chatbot will be hitting the scene this Autumn! 

With our fully customizable Chatbots, you can auto-suggest relevant FAQs to patrons before connecting with an operator, recommend they submit a ticket if chat is offline, and easily direct patrons to your other Springshare resources including guides, appointments, spaces, and so much more.

Important updates, coming soon!

  • We're hard at work on revamping and overhauling the A-Z module, to bring you a more powerful and flexible A-Z resource management tool! We're looking forward to introducing a fully refreshed public A-Z databases page, plus the ability to maintain multiple A-Z lists per LibGuides CMS site. We're also working on a whole host of frequently requested features including a dedicated landing page per database, nested subject categories for better resource descriptions, expanded field support, and so much more.
  • We will be removing any LibGuides 1 to LibGuides 2 redirects in the next (late September) release. Please update any LibGuides 1 links you may still have.

LibInsight has some new features on the horizon!

  • Bootstrap 4 updates:
    • The LibInsight Dashboard pages (Admin and Public) will be updated to Bootstrap 4. To help folks who use custom CSS and JS on their public dashboards prepare for the changes, we've added a "Preview with Bootstrap 4" link in the Dashboard Editor so you can prep for the change ahead of time.
    • The Custom/Shared datasets record screen will also be updated to Bootstrap 4 in an upcoming release.
  • Settings: We want to provide you with more flexibility on analysis report views. We will include two new settings for this:

    • COUNTER 5 - New setting per C5 dataset to set the "Cost-per-use analysis" flag to OFF/ON for analysis reports.

    • Data Labels on Charts - New global setting in Admin -> System Settings -> Analysis to update the default display look for analysis charts

Keep an eye out for updates

Keep an eye out for these updates and more by subscribing to our blog and joining us on the Springshare Lounge Release Notes page!