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SpringyNews - Broadening Horizons

November 2022

1. Optimize Outreach with the New LibConnect Dashboard

Any User


In today's evolving academic and public library landscape, outreach is about more than simply reaching new patrons. It's about telling the story of why libraries are important to a specific community and how they continue to remain essential. Reaching new user groups is great, but in order for this work to be impactful, persuasive data must be collected. The good news: LibConnect's newly redesigned dashboard makes collecting outreach data easier than ever. 

From the LibConnect Dashboard you can:

  • View the details of recent email campaigns that have been sent out, including essential statistics like delivery, open, and click rates. 
  • See a breakdown of patron interactions that have been recorded in the last 30 days. 
  • Keep track of pending and completed projects and tasks that have been assigned to your account.
  • Manage Notifications, so you always get the information you need, right in your inbox.
  • Create custom reports using granular options to identify strong communication channels or gaps in your outreach efforts.
LibConnect interactions dashboard
LibConnect interactions dashboard

2. Set LibAnswers Inactivity Reminders

Admin Only


We don't need to tell you how busy libraries can be. One minute you're at the Reference Desk, the next running to a last-minute instruction session - sometimes things fall through the cracks. The Ticket Inactivity Email Reminder allows you to send reminder emails to patrons if they haven't replied to a ticket after a certain time period. It puts the ball in their court and is one less thing you have to remember to do! 

  • Set it and forget it - Once the Inactivity Reminder is set, the countdown to the reminder begins any time a staff member responds to an email and sets the status as "Pending." The email that the patron receives will remind them that you are awaiting a response.
  • No response? Consider it closed - If the patron does not reply within the specific time period, the ticket will be automatically closed. That countdown begins once the reminder email is sent.
  • Customizable email - Customize both the subject and body of the email for a specific Queue using the Inactivity Reminder Email Template.

recorded training making queues more efficientCheck out this recorded training session for instructions and additional tips!

3. Get LibApps Notifications in Slack

I bet you didn't know you can integrate several Springshare tools with Slack to receive notifications in a Slack channel! Not only that, but it's super quick and easy to set up. Our favorite tools to do this with are LibAnswers and LibStaffer. 



Slack has become an essential communication tool for so many organizations and with this integration, you'll be able to see if a question has come into the LibAnswers queue or a shift has become available in LibStaffer. Exciting, we know!