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November 2022

Recent Updates - Fall 2022

  • We've added File Upload support to Seats/Spaces and Equipment booking forms! Head to Admin > Spaces & Equipment > Booking Forms > Add or Edit Form to prompt patrons to submit a file when making a new reservation.
  • We've updated our approach to fetching future space booking data for spaces that sync with Microsoft Exchange. We've updated our Exchange sync with Microsoft's newer sync technology, so you'll now know about future clashes right when you're choosing a space to reserve.
  • You can now customize the Late Cancellation Pickup Email for Equipment! Head to Admin > Spaces & Equipment > Edit Location > Email Templates > Late Pickup Cancellation to customize this template.
  • Hybrid Events now have the option to track "Actual Attendance" for in-person and online registrants individually.
    • The Event Explorer & Statistics reports (as well as their CSV exports) have been updated accordingly for both values.

Looking for more LibCal features and fixes? Check out the LibCal release notes on the Springshare Lounge!

Recent LibGuides and LibApps updates include: 


  • We've added the ability to bulk delete assets (including unmapped assets!).
  • We've updated our search logic for improved performance.
  • We've restored the ability to copy A-Z links by letter.


  • We now support the LTI 1.3 standard for the Sakai Learning Management System, bringing it up to par with our support for other major LMS providers like Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and Brightspace.
  • We added LTI 1.3 support for Moodle LMS.

Don't miss additional LibGuides and LibApps release goodness in the release notes over on the Lounge!

The LibAnswers team has been hard at work bringing these new features to a computer near you: 

  • Create Ticket API: The Create Ticket API now supports the Routing Question field to route ticket submissions to a specific queue or user.
  • Chat Dashboard: Chat Operators can now dismiss chats without claiming them to ensure easier and more efficient removal of spam chats.
  • LibChat Transcript exports now include the ticket ID if a ticket was created from a chat for easier analysis.
  • The multi-chat overlay view and the single chat view in the LibChat Dashboard has been updated to utilize space more efficiently for the chat operators.

Check out the LibAnswers release notes on the Springshare Lounge for more complete information on past and future updates.

LibInsight has seen some exciting updates this fall!

  • We’ve added a “bundles” setting to the COUNTER 5's Cost Invoice. This is a great option if you're looking for a way to not add costs to individual journal titles that are part of a bundled subscription package.
  • You can now hide fields in the Record Custom Dataset screen. These hidden fields will still show up in the analysis reports just in case you want to keep or see the legacy data, but they won't appear in the record data screen.
  • We've added support for Google Analytics 4 in our Google Analytics dataset. You can select whether you want to use the old Universal Analytics or the new Google Analytics 4 in the Google Analytics dataset setup screen.
  • We've also updated both our dashboard and custom dataset from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4. 
  • There are now more ways to query your Custom dataset in the Analysis tool with our expanded date range filter.

Check out more from this release in the LibInsight release notes on the Springshare Lounge!

The LibConnect team has had a busy fall so far! 

  • Our new dashboard contains dedicated tabs for News and Tutorials, so you can get all the latest product news plus our extensive tutorial content right from the dashboard.
  • We've introduced new customizable system notifications. Set up your preferred email notifications for events related to People, Organizations, Interactions, Emails, Projects, Tasks, and Reports. 
  • We've overhauled LibConnect Reports. We've added new filters for all the modules, improved the way to find and apply custom fields filters, replaced Memberships and Relationships filters for Connections, and included all data fields available in the report results.
  • We've updated the process for managing unmatched system emails by adding a new tab to the interactions page for "Needs Review." This tab is only visible to Admin level users, and it displays the list of unmatched system email interactions.
  • We've created a Page Setting to allow you to show or hide any of the different modules that make up the LibConnect Dashboard to better suit your unique needs.
  • We added the ability to schedule reports so they can be generated and exported automatically on the date selected.

Here's what's new in LibStaffer:

  • We've modified the ordering of shifts on the public side schedule view to match the admin side schedule view.
  • We've added an account level setting to allow users to choose whether they receive the drop shift assignment emails.

Upcoming Updates

  • Chatbots are on the way!! Our exciting new chatbot functionality is coming this December, and will be included as a standard part of the LibAnswers Platform. Use this new chatbot functionality to help guide your users to the types of help they're looking for, and depending on their responses, you can route folks to different chat departments, prompt folks to create a new LibAnswers ticket, execute a LibGuides or LibAnswers search, or even direct them to a LibCal resource or LibWizard form. The fun never stops with bots, so keep an eye out for this exciting feature this December!!
  • We're introducing Autoresponder Functionality just in time for the holiday season! You'll be able to set up automatic responses to tickets submitted via the question form or via email, so you can help set patron expectations for response times and direct folks to helpful self-help options before your staff even touches the ticket.

Important LibCal updates are coming your way soon!

  • The new LibCal Museum & Passes eTickets functionality is coming soon! This feature, combined with the Equipment Booking module, creates a robust Lending Hub for your Library. Join us for a sneak peek on Wednesday, November 30th at 1pm ET to learn more. 
  • We're hard at work on revamping the process of booking Spaces and Equipment, with a goal of making the booking process much more mobile friendly, and less reliant on the availability grid. Keep an eye out in the coming months for more announcements and previews for these exciting changes!

Important updates, coming soon!

  • We're hard at work on revamping and overhauling the A-Z module, to bring you a more powerful and flexible A-Z resource management tool! We're looking forward to introducing a fully refreshed public A-Z databases page, plus the ability to maintain multiple A-Z lists per LibGuides CMS site. We're also working on a whole host of frequently requested features including a dedicated landing page per database, nested subject categories for better resource descriptions, expanded field support, and so much more.

LibInsight has some new features on the horizon!

  • Bootstrap 4 updates:
    • The LibInsight Dashboard pages (Admin and Public) will be updated to Bootstrap 4. To help folks who use custom CSS and JS on their public dashboards prepare for the changes, we've added a "Preview with Bootstrap 4" link in the Dashboard Editor so you can prep for the change ahead of time.
    • The Custom / Shared datasets record screen will also be updated to Bootstrap 4 in an upcoming release.
  • The LibWizard team has been working steadily on our Tutorial content to prepare for some exciting new features over the coming months! These will include:
    • A revised UI for the Tutorial builder 
    • A Community Forms feature where you can share the Forms you have created with other LibWizard users

Keep an eye out for updates

Keep an eye out for these updates and more by subscribing to our blog and joining us on the Springshare Lounge Release Notes page!