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June 2023

Coming Soon: Interactive Tutorials

LibWizard tutorials allow you to offer self-paced instruction that's engaging for your patrons and students. With our newest tutorial type, interactive tutorials, you can add content slides, then overlay interactive components. 

Types of interactions:

  • Annotations and Callouts: Point to a specific area in your slide with an annotation or a callout. Use the built-in rich text editor to add content.
  • Questions: Create one or more questions – with options for multiple choice, text input, or numeric input – that will appear one at a time.
  • Embeddable Widgets: Include simple widgets such as videos in your slide. Just insert the HTML embed code for the media you wish to display.
  • Hotspots: Add a small hotspot to highlight an area on your slide. Clicking on the hotspot will open a tooltip modal with annotations.

Example Interactive Tutorial

How Might YOU Use Interactive Tutorials?

The possibilities are endless! But here are a few ideas to spark your creativity... 

Walk patrons through finding and downloading eBooks – the Callout interaction can show them where to click.

Show students how to use a citation tool – check their progress with Question interactions.

Help patrons pick what to read next – use the Embeddable Widget interaction to insert book review videos from YouTube.

Build a virtual escape room – the Hotspot interaction may reveal hidden objects and passageways.

Get a Peek Behind the Curtain

Just some of your setup options so far: 

  • Add a "Welcome" slide and optionally collect the user's name, email address, and/or phone number.
  • Add slide images with a 2:1 aspect ratio (1000px x 500px).
  • Easily reorder, edit, and delete slides.
  • Resize and move your interactions by dragging or entering the position and dimensions.
  • Configure permissions, friendly URL, email notifications, privacy scrub settings, and more.
  • Add a "Thank You" slide with options to email users their results and display a grade and/or correct answers.
  • Embed interactive tutorials inside any page using the provided widget code or share a direct link to your tutorial.

And here's a teaser of what's under construction:

  • Customize your tutorial's look and feel.
  • Create slides with more aspect ratios, beyond 2:1.
  • Set a template slide as a default background for new slides.
  • Use a background color instead of an image for your slide.
  • Require authentication or set custom visibility settings.
  • For annotations and callouts, remove borders, change the background color, and adjust opacity.
  • Add a Certificate of Completion
  • Create video slides in addition to image slides.
  • Capture screenshots or screenrecorded videos within LibWizard.

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Stay Tuned for Updates

Keep an eye on our blog and the Springshare Lounge for more info about the debut of LibWizard Interactive Tutorials!

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