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June 2023

Presenting: The Springy Lounge Redesign

Springshare Lounge Banner

The Springshare Lounge homepage underwent an exciting redesign in May 2023! The project began a few months ago after reviewing feedback from the Springshare Lounge Community. The Lounge was initially created with the Springy Community in mind, as a place for users to collaborate, discuss, and help each other online. As this community has grown exponentially, the new design changes were made with the following goals:

  1. Highlight important categories and features in the Springshare Lounge
  2. Add additional navigation options to all areas of the Springshare Lounge
  3. Update the visual design with a focus on Announcements/Discussions/Questions

On the Main Stage: Site Banner Update

In addition to the brand new couch (voted for by the Lounge Community!), the Lounge banner has been updated to include two callouts to highlight important categories. Currently, the new callouts point to our Getting Started category for new users, and our newest category, Feature Requests. As more functionality is added to the Springshare Lounge, the information in these callouts will be updated to point to new Springshare Lounge features.

Getting Started and Feature Requests

A Show-Stopping Navigation Refresh


The Lounge homepage redesign began with updating the top navigation bar to make the site easier to use. While the functionality stayed the same, the list was condensed from seven menu items down to four. Within these menu items, nested lists were used to direct users more accurately to certain product-specific categories and keep Springy resources all grouped together nicely.

Lounge Navigation Menu

In addition to the nested navigation changes, the Popular Tags Word Cloud and Quick Links were moved to a more readily visible location on the page. 

  • Posts are organized by Tags to allow for easy discovery of topics that interest you - if you read a Tagged post or see a Tag that catches your eye in the Popular Tags Word Cloud, you can click on the Tag to view more posts.
  • Quick Links can help you navigate to your Bookmarks, Discussions, and Drafts, while also pointing to other Categories in the system that you have access to.

Located between the Popular Tags Word Cloud and Quick Links, we now have a new Tabbed Discussions box, which will let you quickly filter between the five most recent Announcements, Discussions, and New Questions.


Spotlight on the New Feature Requests Category

Springshare Lounge users can now post new ideas to the Feature Request Category! This category is designed for the Lounge community to post their own feature requests and to review requests made by other Springshare users. Users can upvote and comment on Feature Requests that they are interested in. The Springshare Team reviews all posts in each Feature Request Product category to see what features are requested the most!

To make a Feature Request Idea post, click on the New Idea button on the right side of the Feature Request Category page. After you've posted, we automatically assign the status "New Idea/Looking for Feedback" to your post. If/When your post is reviewed or moved into development, we will update the assigned status! Each user is allowed to submit up to 5 feature requests per week. Users can vote on Feature Requests by clicking the upvote button on the Idea post. Comments can also be added by scrolling to the bottom of the post and using the text editor.

Take a look at the Feature Request Category Guidelines and our Feature Request Category Getting Started Information to get started with posting a new idea!

New Idea Button

All Access Pass: Join the Springshare Lounge

To create a Springshare Lounge Account, go to and begin registering for an account by clicking on the "Register" button in the top right corner.

After your account is registered, and you’ve confirmed your email address, it will go through approval by the Springshare Lounge Team to check that you are a Springshare LibApps user. After your account is approved you’ll receive an email notification giving you access. 

*Note: Make sure to use the email associated with your LibApps account so that our team can approve your account quickly!

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