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June 2023

Recent Updates - Spring 2023

Here's what's new in LibAnswers: 

  • Check out these added Chatbot features
    • Chatbot can now auto-prompt patrons in a chat widget that uses auto load.
    • You can add an action to the end of your Chatbot Flow so patrons can Rate the Chat that they had with Chatbot. To find your patrons' ratings, go to LibChat > Chat Ratings, where you can filter results to show those that started via Chatbot. 
    • You can choose for Chatbot to be active in a chat widget when only Co-Ops are monitoring that widget. 
    • Use If/Then Rules to chain together multiple Chatbot Flows within a single chat widget interaction. 
    • The End Chat action now supports HTML. 
  • Two tidbits about the Ticket Question Form
    • We've added an optional Email Check field so patrons can be required to enter their email address again in the question form to confirm it matches the initial email field. 
    • Using the Submit Ticket action in your Chatbot Flow, you can choose to show the full ticket question form in the chat widget for your patrons to fill out when submitting a ticket via Chatbot
  • For tickets Initiated by You, you can now preview your ticket email to see what it will look like before you hit send. 

Stay up to date on past and future LibAnswers updates by checking the LibAnswers release notes in the Springshare Lounge.

The LibCal team has been hard at work on these updates: 

  • Go to Admin > Hours > Libraries to easily copy hours from one to multiple locations. 
  • We've added a new widget style to our existing events widgets! You can now use the Agenda public event widget view for all but the Full & Mini Calendar widgets. Head to Events > Widgets, pick your widget type, and scroll down to Event Details to select Agenda view. 
  • API updates: 
    • We've added a new API endpoint for Billing data to help with 3rd party systems. 
    • For Seats/Spaces, we've added event ID and title to the individual space booking API endpoint. 
    • We've added the ability to check the current Check In/Out status of a seat/space booking via API. 
  • Some updates to Tickets & Museum Passes:
    • In the Booking Explorer, you can now search for digital pass bookings via Barcode. 
    • We've added physical pass bookings to the T&MP Booking Explorer. 
    • You can customize the language for pass availability on public pages. 

Check the Springshare Lounge for past and future LibCal release notes!

Highlights from the LibInsight team! 

  • We’ve updated the Custom Dataset’s Distribution Report to include distributions for single/multi-select fields.
  • You can omit User ID, Start Date, Internal Notes, or IP Address from your widget email notifications. Find these settings on the Optional Settings tab when editing a widget. 
  • We've updated the public custom/shared dataset widgets to use Bootstrap 4. To preview these widgets, go to Admin > Widgets and APIs > Actions > Preview with Bootstrap 4. 

Curious about what's coming next? Visit the Lounge to read past and future LibInsight release notes.

The LibStaffer team has been busy! 

  • We've added a Working from Home status! This status is treated as "available" in the system but is visually separate when you're assigning shifts so you can clearly see who's available in person and who's available but working from home. The Autoscheduler also now has a new option (on by default) to include the WFH status when scheduling shifts. 
  • The Shift Timeline View has been modified to improve various elements such as scrolling and the initial data that is displayed. 
  • You can now filter by staff member on the Time Off Approvals page. 
  • Drag & Drop shift feature improvements: 
    • Shift time modifications will only be active when the Show Drag & Drop Options panel is open
    • The confirmation message is suppressed when dragging shift to change time. 
  • We've modified the My Upcoming Time Off section to be a data table view instead of a dashboard view. 

Learn more in the LibStaffer release notes in the Springshare Lounge.

What's the news from LibWizard? 

  • We've modernized the UI/styles of components such as dropdowns and buttons
  • We updated the analytical charts to display their corresponding data tables automatically. 
  • We added a dynamic way to update the chart type
  • We added more on-screen help text to the New Form dialog window. 

Don't miss our LibWizard release notes over on the Lounge!

Upcoming Updates

While our focus is on launching LibAnswers NPS®, here are some other updates coming soon to LibAnswers!

  • Chatbot:
    • We're bringing you a Custom Hours option so you can set specific scheduled times that your Chatbot will be active on chat widget(s).
    • We'll be introducing a new "dismissals" report for Chatbot to show users how often a patron is dismissing each chatbot, broken down by hourly, daily, and weekly.
  • Tickets: There will now be a "CAPTCHA" setting that can be activated for Question Forms to help with spam prevention.
  • Views: The Owner field will support multi-selecting for "Current Owner" and "Unclaimed" and other users. The Status filter will also be made a multi-select.
  • Ticket Knowledge Base: The Status filter now supports multi-select.

Our LibCal team is hard at work on the new Spaces UI and upcoming Tablet-Display Interface

Our next LibGuides release will be all about our revamped A-Z List features!

What's next from LibStaffer?

  • We'll be making improvements to Org. Hierarchy!

We can't wait to bring you Interactive Tutorials in LibWizard! Stay tuned for updates!

Keep an eye out for updates

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