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ACRL 2017 Guest Presentations

Guest presenters speaking about their use of Springy Tools in their library!

Fairfield University: Barbara Ghilardi & Matthew Bernstein

Barbara Ghilardi
Barbara Ghilardi

Matt Bernstein
Matthew Bernstein

Creating an Academic Integrity Tutorial

In the spring of 2016, we took on the task of creating an Academic Integrity Tutorial that would aim to teach students the following concepts: 1.) Emphasize the importance of academic integrity as critical to membership in our Jesuit community, 2.) Foster mindsets that fully participate in scholarly conversation by engaging sources effectively and ethically, and 3.) Support the development of skills needed to avoid plagiarism.

We needed a platform to host this tutorial that could be easily adapted without a lot of programming skills, be cost effective, easily customizable to fit the needs of any student group, and usable on and off campus. We found that with our LibGuides CMS platform we could accomplish all of these goals.