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ALA Midwinter 2018 Guest Presentations

Guest presenters at Denver speaking about their use of Springy Tools

Colorado School of Mines: On the Shoulders of Giants

Brianna Buljung

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Colorado School of Mines

LibGuides and Scholarship as Conversation

In fall 2017, Arthur Lakes Library used a LibGuide for the “Scholarship as Conversation” lesson in the Mines’ Freshman Success Seminar course. Roughly 1200 students, 92 peer mentors and 46 instructors rotated through a 50 minute lesson and library tour over the course of 10 days. The CSM 101 LibGuide kept multiple instruction librarians on track, hosting both a Google slides presentation and links for the class activity. During the lesson, student were introduced to the Mines LibGuides collection and used the course guide to trace the conversation that developed as modern researchers build on the work of STEM giants such as Rosalind Franklin and Albert Einstein.