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Provide Superb Customer Service:
LibAnswers Systems & Services Management Tool

libanswers system and services management dashboardYour library subscribes to a multitude of resources, a cornucopia of databases, and you provide an absolute plethora of services to boot. Okay, we might a smidge hyperbolic - but you're really killing it on the systems & services front. Seriously, nice job!

But, how do you keep track and communicate the statuses of all these systems & services and provide point-of-need help at the same time?

With the Systems & Services Management tool!

The S&SM Tool is comprised of three components:

  • Systems Help Widgets - Create product-specific Help widgets (Catalog, Library Website, Discovery Layer, etc.) and embed them directly inside the product. A catalog-surfing patron gets catalog-specific help at point-of-need. They'll see relevant FAQs and a way to submit a question.
  • Systems Feedback Manager - These same product-specific widgets have a built-in feedback mechanism so patrons can send ideas, feedback, and even praise, right inside the product they're using. 
  • Systems Status Dashboard - Create a public-facing dashboard outlining the status of every library system & service. If your website has an unplanned outage, update your System Status Dashboard so users everywhere will be updated and aware.

Create a Virtual Help Desk & Provide Superb Customer Service in one Tool!

See it in Action: