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LibCal Video Highlights

EDUCAUSE Webinar: The New School

The New School opened in a limited capacity in the fall of 2020 and needed a way to have students reserve space for non-instructional purposes in its making centers, computer labs, and equipment rental spaces. Kayla O’Daniel and Marcus Longmuir will showcase how they selected and launched LibCal Seats, a cloud-based solution, in just three weeks. Learn how this online tool allowed their team to implement, without a significant integration process, a solution with a widely distributed management approach that allowed a reopening strategy that met city and state COVID-19 guidelines.


  • Hear how The New School implemented safe reopening policies with a multi-departmental team based on community and campus needs
  • Discover how they utilized Springshare’s LibCal platform to help bring students back to campus in a limited, non-instructional capacity using an authenticated reservation system
  • Learn how The New School implemented a distributed management policy and trained nontechnical staff
  • Understand how they administered and maintained robust authorization groups despite later policy changes