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Using Font Awesome in LibGuides v2.0

What's Font Awesome?

Font Awesome is a free suite of 479 scalable vector icons that are easily customizable using basic HTML.  Change the size, color, add a border, anything at all – using some really basic inline HTML. 

Why Should I Use It?

The Font Awesome library is fully incorporated into LibGuides v2! So you only need to call the icons using their CSS classes. Use Font Awesome icons to:

  • Add images to your guides
  • Customize default display options - this bulleted list is using customized Font Awesome icons!
  • Integrate Font Awesome social media icons in your template or header/footer.
font awesome social media icons

What's the HTML Structure?

<i class="fa icon-name" style="font-size: insert-size; color: insert-hex-color; padding: insert-padding;"></i>

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