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QuestionPoint Customers Migrating to LibAnswers

Who, What, Where, and How?


  • What does my library / group need to do next?
    Absolutely nothing! When we're ready to install your LibAnswers system, we'll reach out to you and start the personalized plan for migrating over from QuestionPoint to LibAnswers. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to send us your feedback/ideas for how you'd like to see the cooperative service grow/change ( and register to receive alerts on our dedicated QuestionPoint Migration Blog - Let's COOPerate ;). As we add more content to this guide, we'll alert you via blog posts. 
  • Will our costs increase?
    No, your QuestionPoint costs are not increasing as a result of this acquisition. Once you migrate to LibAnswers, there will be additional functionality and additional services which may interest you, and for which there will be additional cost. However, functionality you have access to right now, you will have access to in LibAnswers - and you will not pay more for it than what you’re paying now. Our goal is to give you more value for your dollars spent on the Virtual Reference Service and not take anything away in the process.
  • Who do we contact for support?
    Until you migrate to LibAnswers, your QuestionPoint software will be fully supported by the OCLC support team, just as it is now. Continue using the same support channels you are currently using, or email us at and we will forward your request to OCLC support.
    Once you migrate to LibAnswers, Springshare's support & training teams will fully support you.
  • What's happening with the QuestionPoint Cooperative Staff?
    All QuestionPoint Cooperative staff members have joined the Springshare team and are now Springshare employees. They will be providing the same service as before – supporting backup reference on QuestionPoint until everyone moves to LibAnswers, after which time they will be providing backup reference on the LibAnswers platform. We plan to hire more co-op backup librarians, as well.
  • Migration Timeline & Questions:
    • All QuestionPoint customers will move to LibAnswers by May 29, 2020.
    • Software-only customers - you can move to LibAnswers at any time. 
      • What's software-only? Software Only is a classification used by QuestionPoint to define QuestionPoint users who are not part of the Cooperative. Software only users answer their own patrons' chats and/or email questions. When they sign-off chat or close QuestionPoint... their chat goes offline (for all intents and purposes). They are not members of the Cooperative. 
    • If you receive support from the 24/7 and/or contribute to the 24/7 cooperative - you'll have two options to go-live. Read the blog post
  • Why did you acquire QuestionPoint and what are your plans for it?
    Springshare has over 1,400 libraries using LibAnswers / LibChat, many of whom have written asking us to offer backup staffing / cooperative functionality. As we started working on plans for our own service, an opportunity arose with OCLC to discuss combining QuestionPoint and LibAnswers into a true worldwide network serving many thousands of libraries. We jumped at this opportunity, because it truly represents the best of both worlds and brings the original vision of QuestionPoint 24/7 closer to fruition: many thousands of libraries worldwide linked in a true 24/7 cooperative network, so that library patrons can get high-quality answers from librarians anytime, anywhere - even when local staff are unavailable.
    We plan to make significant investments into the QuestionPoint Cooperative services, from offering a more feature-rich software platform (LibAnswers) to hiring more backup librarians and providing effective training to all librarian staff. It also means we will invest into devising more effective workflows and improved information sharing between co-op staff and local libraries. Last but not least, we will also offer new and innovative services based on this combined platform. In short, we are “all in” and have big plans for growing and enhancing the LibAnswers + QuestionPoint 24/7 Reference Cooperative into the best service possible.
  • How do I stay informed?
    In the coming weeks, we'll be reaching out to each and every library / group to work on a customized migration plan for your move to LibAnswers. We'll also be adding and updating information on this guide. In order for you to stay informed, we strongly encourage you to subscribe to receive email alerts on our dedicated blog: Let's COOPerate. As we add and update content to this guide, we'll recap those changes in the blog, and alerts will get delivered straight to your inbox. 
  • Feedback:
    We’d love to hear your ideas how we can make the service work better for you and have established a dedicated email address for your ideas and suggestions: We promise to read and respond to each and every email, so please don’t be shy! Let us know your ideas on how we can make the service work better for your use-case.