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SpringyNews: A Decade Dedicated... to You!

March 2017

Build Stronger Community Relationships with LibCRM New

We're very excited to unveil this newest app in our platform - LibCRM. LibCRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool built specifically for libraries.

It helps you turbo-charge your library outreach efforts, and gain a deeper understanding of your users and their research & information needs.

Do you ask yourself these questions?

  • How are our users interacting with the library?
  • Are there gaps in our outreach efforts?
  • How are we tracking liaison efforts and programs?
  • Who are our "at-risk" patrons in need of extra assistance?
  • Who are our most frequent/most valuable users?
  • How do we better manage our in-house projects and tasks?

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LibCRM Form Fields

Customizable To Your Needs

Define the user groups with whom you interact and customize the fields for each one: 

  • Person Groups: Undergrads. Faculty. Alumni. Young Adults. Seniors. Etc.
  • Organization Groups: Academic Departments. Career Services. City Council. Vendors. Etc.

Enjoy Springy Integration & Analyze Interaction Data

Customize interaction types relevant to your Library. Analyze the interactions with your users to learn more about their preferred interaction methods and means.

Interactions from Springy apps (LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibWizard, LibCal) are automatically recorded in LibCRM and associated with relevant user profiles.

LibCRM Interaction Fields

Profile Pages Organize User Information

For each person or organization you interact with, view all relevant information in one place. Enjoy a holistic view of the depth and quality of your relationships and interactions with users.


  • Contact Details & Social Profiles
  • Relationships to other Community Members
  • History of Library/User Interactions
  • Upload and Store Notes & Documents
  • Memberships in Affiliated Organizations
  • Tasks/Projects Assigned to this Profile
LibCRM Profile

LibCRM Task Management

Task Management for Effective Outreach

Essential for outreach and liaison librarians - create projects and assign tasks to colleagues. Promote collaboration and follow the progress of the library's outreach and project management efforts.

  • My Dashboards shows all pending tasks.
  • Connect Tasks to Profiles to view how tasks are connected to your user-base.
  • Use Task Status with deadlines to track the project lifecycle. 
  • Bulk Create Tasks and assign to multiple librarians in a few clicks.
  • Upload & Store Notes and Documents with Projects to keep everything organized and in one place.

Extensive Reporting Features

Run, and save, reports on user profiles, user metadata fields, tasks, interactions, and relationships.

Example Reports:

  • How many Undergrads have had less than three interactions with the Library?
  • How many YA's have signed-up for Library events?
  • Which Academic Departments currently have zero liaison projects setup? 
  • How many cardholders have had zero interactions with the Library in the last 2 years?
LibCRM Reports

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