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SpringyNews: Return of the Student

August 2017

How LibCal's Equipment Bookings Module Improves UX

The start of the school year means back-to-school shopping is in full swing. Your patrons are heading online, purchasing items from online stores, and making extensive use of virtual catalogs.

Bottom line, your patrons are well-versed in the online shopping user experience.

And online "shopping" at the library is no different - your patrons want to navigate your library's catalog of equipment, browse for what they need,
"add to cart", and check-out.

How can you make that happen?
Cue LibCal's Equipment Booking Add-On Module.

Equipment Booking Tour
(30min Webinar)

Tues, Aug 29: 2pm - 2:30pm

Wed, Sep 6: 3pm - 3:30pm

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First Things First - What's the LibCal Equipment Booking Module?

5min Overview Video

Why You Should UX'ify Your Equipment Booking Process

Your Users are Accustomed to the E-Commerce Transaction Model

  • Visual Catalog - Browsing merchandise online
  • Product Details - Clicking through to read items details, browse pictures, check availability
  • Add to Cart - When they've chosen what they want they add to cart and checkout

They Can't "Shop" What They Can't Find

An important component of digital merchandising is visibility. Yes, your library has invested in amazing equipment and resources for lending - but it's all for naught if your users can't find them.

  • How easily is it for your patrons to find your library equipment?
  • Can they browse it on any web-enabled smart device?
  • Can they reserve equipment online and 24/7?

Creating a Digital Storefront Using LibCal Equipment Booking

If your library has made significant investments in lendable equipment like laptops, tablets, headphones, cameras, tripods, etc. and you want to ensure that this equipment is used, you might want to consider LibCal's Equipment Booking Module!

Not only is it accessible and mobile-friendly but it also has:

  • Visually Focused Public Catalog - Tile-based layout makes it easy for patrons to 'shop' your equipment.
  • 'Add to Cart' Check-Out Process - Industry standard check-out process reduces cognitive user load.
  • Flexible Scheduling - Allow some items to circulate for days and others for only hours. 
  • Integrated Check In & Check Out of Equipment - Make use of a simple check in / check out process, so you know at a glance which items are available, and which are out with patrons.
  • ...and more!

Sign up for a webinar to learn more - we hope to see you there!

All times shown in US Eastern Standard Time

Tuesday, Aug 29: 2pm - 2:30pm


Wednesday, Sep 6: 3pm - 3:30pm