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SpringyNews - New Age Of Instruction

August 2019

Teaching and Learning in the Digital Landscape

Instruction is an important part of the Library’s mission and we’re happy to help librarians deliver great instruction experiences.  Your thorough LibGuides, well articulated FAQs, LibWizard quizzes and tutorials, and your well thought out instruction sessions are all important pieces of the instruction programs at your library. 

Use LibGuides widgets and LTI Integration to embed library instruction content inside an LMS. With LibCal patrons can book consultations & appointments but also register for library orientations and classes. LibAnswers helps you address post-instruction questions that come in via LibChat, email, SMS, social media, and more. LibStaffer keeps the librarians’ teaching schedules organized. Need a post-instruction session survey? LibWizard to the rescue!

Speaking of our own Instruction efforts, SpringyCamp 2019, held on July 31st, was a huge success. We had so many great presentations by libraries using our tools. If you missed it this year, you can still watch the recordings. We're grateful to all who participated at the mic and in attendance. We're already looking forward to next year's SpringyCamp.

-- The Springshare Team 

LibGuides Love

The LibGuides Love page is spilling over with secrets to using your LibGuides and LibGuides CMS systems to

  • build a patron kiosk that instructs your visitors on how to use the library
  • give your students the opportunity to create content of their own with guide editor accounts
  • instruct librarians on how they can use your guides while respecting your authorship
  • prioritize findability so your patrons can easily find what they need

A new poll has you considering which project you'd like to tackle next with your LibGuides system. Plus, learn more about giving it a modern look with CSS. 

Spotlight: LibWizard

If you want to max out on meta, make sure to catch the Spotlight: LibWizard page. In it you'll find that we built a LibWizard Tutorial on how you'd create a LibWizard Tutorial. Yes! You heard that right. It's one of the hottest components in LibWizard and this is its time to shine. 

Learn about the effortless drag and drop functionality. Check out our chart with tutorial possibilities that helps you brainstorm. Discover how it works for nontraditional learners!

LibWizard is instrumental as you focus on instruction. Utilize forms, surveys that you can send before and after your sessions to gather feedback, quizzes to help you with your assessment priority, and tutorials that teach anytime anywhere. 

Get Together

Springshare encourages you to get together. See how we make the case for face-to-face interactions with LibCal and LibStaffer. 

Effective Library Instruction still means in-person connection and contact, and we have the tools to help you make it happen.

Don't miss the Client Column from the University of Nebraska Medical Center on LibCal Appointments.


If you're not connecting, you're missing opportunities. Read about how the LibAnswers SMS feature, E-Reserves, and the Springshare Smart School Suite are helping your libraries

  • stay in touch
  • stay the course
  • and stay centered

Making a connection with your patrons is the first step to building a relationship with them.

Who's Counting?

YOU should be! What helps you problem solve better than having excellent data? Learn about how Springshare's LibInsight and LibCRM are your allies as you face the library's challenges.

Get organized. Decide what outcomes you want to pursue. Use these solutions to identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

Actionable data is the key to shaping your library's instruction programs and outreach strategies.

SpringyCamp 2019 Watch the recordings