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November 2023

Proven Programs - It's All About the Patron Journey

Marketing professionals and business people call it the "customer journey," but here at Springshare, we know it's all about the patrons! Patron Point's Proven Programs borrows key concepts from the marketing world and applies them to the library sector. It leverages the patron data you've likely already collected to create personalized messaging that keeps your prospective, new, and existing library patrons engaged. 

Join Us for a Webinar: Increase Engagement with Patron Point! 

For public libraries: Monday, November 13, 2023, 12:30pm - 1:30pm ET

For everyone: Friday, November 17, 2023, 11:30am - 12:30pm ET

Build Strong Connections with Patron Point Functionality

Patron Point functionality allows each library patron to have a fully personalized messaging experience. The platform harnesses the power of ILS and third-party syncing, data-driven audience segmentation, and automation to ensure your library communications are relevant, timely, and easy to implement. 

attract, ecard, verify, welcome

Step 1: Onboarding

  • Register and verify - Issue new library cards and verify patron identity with the fully integrated online library card registration solution.
  • Welcome new users - Employ a series of automated emails for new patrons, welcoming and inviting them to explore the full range of services offered.
  • Reach new patrons - Communicate with community members who don't have library cards yet! Import email lists or use email addresses you gather at events and via newsletter sign-ups. 



engage, recommend, newsletter, promote, survey

Step 2: Engagement 

  • Showcase your online resources - Increase awareness of your eBook collections and databases by communicating with patrons based on activity level and usage dates.
  • Offer new title recommendations - Automatically recommend new titles to patrons based on user preference. 
  • Promote events and resources - Increase program attendance and promote library resources with monthly email campaigns. Create targeted messages based on user preference and engagement history.
  • Surveys - Ask for feedback and use responses to segment your user groups and send messaging based on individual responses. 
  • Branded patron notices - Turn your ILS notices into cross-promotional marketing tools promoting events, collections, or new services.
verify, renew, reinstate

Step 3: Renewal

  • Renewal - Using renewal dates as a trigger, send timely email reminders to patrons inviting them to renew their membership and take advantage of the automated renewal and verification process. 
  • Reinstate card - After information has been updated and verified, welcome patrons back to the library and continue to surprise and delight them with personalized recommendations and messaging! 


How does verification work?

Patron Point Verify™ is an optional add-on address verification solution! It delivers an effortless experience for public library patrons as they join the library or renew their cards. The secure, real-time end-to-end solution integrates with your ILS and provides a flexible workflow and branded, customizable messaging.

  • Flexible and customizable patron registration form that integrates with your ILS. 
  • Each library can use their own policies and rules to define their service area for purposes of address veriļ¬cation.
  • Use a combination of data, including GIS mapping, zip codes, cities, and counties, to work out who is eligible for a library card.
  • Works both at an individual library level or within a consortium.

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Ready to take your library's marketing and engagement initiatives to the next level? We'd love to chat with you about how Patron Point can boost patron engagement and automate your marketing efforts!