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November 2023

By the Numbers: A Look Back at 2023

From the standout achievements to the memorable milestones, these are the numbers that defined 2023. So, if you're curious about what made this year truly special, dive in and let the numbers tell their story!

2023 in Review

Product Updates

New features, smoother experiences, and the thrill of discovering what's next. What's not to love about a product update? Here's a quick look at Springshare's product updates from 2023. 

We saw 84 product updates across 7 products. Some of your favorite updates included:


Webinars & Training Sessions

Over the past year, Springshare's webinars and training sessions have been a key resource for our users to expand their knowledge of the Springy tools. From exploring new features to sharing best practices, we've had some great webinars and training sessions in 2023.

We held 1,876 webinars & training sessions, with a total of over 6,500 attendees. Our most popular webinars were:


Videos are password protected. Don't have the password? Contact


Springshare Support & Consulting

The Springy Customer Experience Team works hard all year round to provide the very best customer service possible with every interaction. Let's take a look at some statistics that showcase their impressive accomplishments over this past year!

  • The Support Team has answered over 17,000 tickets.
  • They've kept more than 1,300 published FAQs updated (and you've viewed them over 782,000 times!).
  • Our Consulting Team worked on 150 projects.
  • Our customer service CSAT score is 88.7.

The Springshare Lounge

The Lounge is the best place to get the latest updates for new and improved Springy Tool features. Not only can you communicate with the Springy Team, you can also have discussions with other Springshare users! These numbers show just how much the Lounge was utilized (and loved!) during 2023.

  • We had 922 discussions in the Lounge, with 2,287 comments.
  • There were 1,043 new users who joined the Lounge!
  • The Lounge was viewed 194,993 times.

Not a member of the Lounge? Hop on over to and begin registering for an account by clicking on the "Register" button in the top right corner.