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ALA Midwinter 2018 Guest Presentations

Guest presenters at Denver speaking about their use of Springy Tools

Univ. of Central Arkansas: Sharing & Storing Staff Knowledge

Elizabeth DiPrince

Jessica Riedmueller

LibGuides CMS: Communicating Information Internally to Staff & Ref. Desk Workers

We use LibGuide CMS to create a knowledgebase for faculty and staff who work the library’s Reference Desk. In our library, our Reference Desk is covered by 16 faculty and staff who work in different departments in the library and have varied schedules. Communicating information to this group to can be challenging, and the reference LibGuide gave us the opportunity to collect information in one easy-to-use location.

Through the LibGuides discussion board, general informational pages, department specific pages, FAQ, and statistics dashboard we have created a resource that workers at the Reference Desk can use to quickly find the information they need. In our presentation we will discuss how we decided what information to use in the guide, the CMS tools we used to create the guide, and ways to make access easier for the users.