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Springshare Learning Labs

Gwen Jones, The University of Liverpool

Going Global with 24/7 Chat using LibAnswers

February 4, 2021

Gwen Jones, Customer Services (Online) Manager at the University of Liverpool Library, discusses their experience offering 24/7 library chat to their students - and helping other students around the globe - as members of the Springshare 24/7 Global Chat Cooperative (Co-Op).

She covers the decision-making process that began in September 2019 when they began reevaluating their chat services and updating staff roles. After receiving Co-Op support, they enjoyed the service so much that they decided to join the global librarian community to help other institutions! This decision has benefited both their customers and staff.

Following Gwen’s presentation, a Springy trainer gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Co-Op and help answer any questions.

About Gwen Jones

Gwen holds a post-graduate diploma in Library and Information Studies, an MA in English by Directed Research, and a BA in English Language and Literature. The University of Liverpool Library has 3 Library sites in England: 2 in Liverpool, 1 in Leahurst, Wirral. In addition, it is in partnership with Kaplan Open Learning and Laureate Online Education.