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Power Your Website with LibGuides CMS: Academic Library Examples

Advanced Customizations, Templates & Extensive Coding

Fairmont State University

Using a customized LibGuides template and some advanced CSS, the LibGuides team at Fairmont State has created a gorgeous and functional library homepage.

A customized header includes an 'Ask Us' link to their LibAnswers homepage and bootstrap menus seamlessly resize on mobile devices.

Fairmont State University Library Website

University College Cork

"LibGuides provides us with the ability to create our own styles, scripts and custom layout templates.

We’ve used LibGuides CMS to create our library homepage and other guides by using groups, templates and tweaking our CMS with the help of Bootstrap."

- Eoghan & Mary

University College Cork Library Website

University College Cork

Bridgewater University Library

"The most important feature that LibGuides CMS provides is the flexibility in customizing the templates. The ability to create pages that don’t look like the typical & traditional LibGuides template is a huge plus."

- Ellen Dubinsky

Bridgewater University Library Website

Bridgewater University Library Homepage

Oral Roberts University

"The templates are a great feature to build from and customize. The product allows for the creation of web content for our librarians at all levels of web skills expertise."

- Angela Sample

Oral Roberts University Library Website

Oral Roberts University Library Homepage

University of Liverpool

"Some of the key things that we have taken advantage of are the customizable templates (the homepage is a template I had to fool around with) and groups for different look and feel. With LibGuides CMS V2 you have the flexibility to make your pages look a lot less like 'LibGuides'." - Joseph Hilton

University of Liverpool Library Website

University of Liverpool Library Homepage

Augsburg University

"LibGuides CMS supports lots of customization while still handling a lot of the heavy lifting of web architecture. I have two years' experience with web work, so this CMS is definitely something advanced users and new web developers can both use. Inspiration came from a number of library websites: Portland State, Harvard, and Wake Forest." - Stewart Van Cleve

Augsburg University Library Website

Augsburg University Library Homepage

Woodbury University Library

"I had a lot of fun “riffing,” off of standard LibGuides page code to create a new look and feel. Custom code support also allowed us to create interactive features like the new books carousel, the drop-down menus, changing the order of the homepage boxes in mobile vs desktop view, custom typefaces, etc." - Jared Cowing

Woodbury Library Website

Woodbury University Library

Wentworth Institute of Technology

"Because of the ability to include our own styles and scripts, and create custom layout templates, we are able to make our site look and act the way we want, but at the same time we get to take advantage of lots of helpful built-in features that make maintaining and updating the site quick and easy." - Adam Shire

WIT Library Website

Wentworth Institute of Technology

University of Suffolk

"We make extensive use of the ability to use custom CSS, we have made LibGuides look very much like a different website, mainly to compliment our University’s website.  This ability using Groups allows us to have a different look to each of our websites sections." - Aaron Burrell

University of Suffolk Library Website

University of Suffolk

Georgetown College

"We really like the flexibility of the platform and the ability to create different groups and customize the look and feel of each as we see fit and we found it to be better for us than WordPress, which is what our old website used. " - Ben Rawlins

Georgetown College Library Website

Georgetown College

University of Worcester

"LibGuides CMS has all the features we require of a CMS, with the added benefit of managing our Database A-Z. New developments pop up frequently, with major features such as blogging capability and unified search added this year." - Ruth Graham

Univ. of Worcester Library Website

University of Worcester

Daytona State College

"There are many features in LibGuides CMS that assisted me with redesigning an entire site, but most importantly were the helpful support staff at SpringShare, detailed documentation, and webinar recordings." - Cheryl Kohen

Daytona State CollegeLibrary Website

Daytona State College

DEREE - American College of Greece

"Our library site is no longer a LibGuides system that's used as a website; it's a website that happens to be hosted on LibGuides." - Alex Armstrong

DEREE Library Website


Berea College

"We knew we needed a product that would allow us to create a sophisticated and professional website that reflects our personality and community, but which was easy enough to put together that we wouldn’t need to rely on outsiders to build and maintain it. For us, LibGuides CMS was the answer." - Amanda Peach

Berea College Library Website

Berea College

Our Lady of the Lake University

"One of the best features in LibGuides is the templates, which allowed us to completely customize the HTML layout of our website.  Features like the built-in navbar and integration with Font Awesome made it especially easy to build a customized site that looked sleek and modern." - Brighid Gonzales

Our Lady of the Lake Uni. Library Website

Our Lady of the Lake

University of Redlands

"Built upon the Bootstrap responsive web framework we were able to fix our navigation menu to the top of the screen (so that it follows users as they scroll down the page) and collapse the menu when user devices were too narrow to adequately display the full range of navigation options." - Paige Mann

University of Redlands Library Website

University of Redlands