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Power Your Website with LibGuides CMS: Academic Library Examples

Integrating Multiple Springshare Tools Into Their Homepage

University College Cork

"We find using the LibCal hours widget efficient and user friendly.  We have the option to display opening hours for all libraries in one area e.g. our homepage or individually on our LibGuides for our libraries which are located off campus. Similarly the LibAnswers product provides an excellent platform for maintaining an intuitive, user-focused knowledge base that integrates seamlessly with the rest of our site." - Eoghan & Mary

University College Cork Library Website

University College Cork

Bridgewater University Library

"Our homepage includes a slide-out chat box (LibChat), FAQs (LibAnswers), and our library’s hours (LibCal)."

- Ellen Dubinsky


Bridgewater University Library Website

Bridgewater University Library Homepage

Houston Community College

"We integrate LibChat with a widget on our homepage, LibAnswers with the Q&A feature, LibWizard with forms and surveys, and LibInsight.

We've embedded a LibInsight dashboard into a LibGuide which has auto-updating Google Analytics data, in real time!"

Houston Com. College Library Website

Houston Community College Library Website

Edgewood College

"We make use of LibCal and LibAnswers. On our homepage, we’ve added a “Today’s Library Hours” widget from LibCal, and a LibChat widget and FAQ link to LibAnswers.

I’m also planning on adding a site-wide search tool using the LibApps search sources, but haven’t implemented that yet."

Edgewood College Library Website

Edgewood College Library Homepage

California University of Pennsylvania

"I like how the LibChat widget easily integrates into the page and provides online/offline indication to the patron. We use LibCal's My Scheduler to manage appointments between students and the subject specialist librarian. We use LibWizard forms for ILL and to schedule appointments with our Special Collections & Archives department."

California Univ. of PA Library Website

California University of Pennsylvania Library Homepage

University of Liverpool

"LibAnswers has literally replaced the hundreds, if not thousands, of webpages we had that 'answered' students queries......which they had to find by 'guessing' their way around the old site’s navigation. Now, they just type in a word into the LibAnswers search box and the autocomplete does its job."

University of Liverpool Library Website

University of Liverpool Library Homepage

Furman University

Furman University created a custom script pulling from LibCal's Hours API to display the library's hours on every page in their LibGuides CMS powered website.

Making chat available on every page was also another priority for Furman, and LibAnswers' LibChat made it easy to embed that functionality into their headers.

Furman University Libraries Website

Furman University Library Homepage

Woodbury University Library

Great use and integration of LibApps subscriptions on their homepage:

  • View Library Hours via LibCal;
  • View a list of Upcoming LibCal Events;
  • LibWizard Forms for Suggest a Purchase

Woodbury Library Website

Woodbury University Library

East Tennessee State University

LibCal integrations abound on this ETSU library website! From customized today's hours widgets, upcoming calendar events widgets, and links to the My Scheduler and Room Bookings - this homepage makes full use of the LibGuides/LibCal integrations.

ETSU Library Website


Stevenson University Library

With quick links to their LibAnswers and LibCal Room Bookings and My Scheduler, students can quickly ask questions and self-serve.

Plus, they have embedded LibCal Hours and shortcuts to their LibGuides E-Reserves!

Stevenson Library Website

Stevenson University Library

The Culinary Institute of America

The CIA Library makes use of the sidebar style LibAnswers LibChat widget. 

Their 'Suggest a Purchase' form is a LibWizard form to boot!

CIA Library Website

CIA Library Homepage

Southern New Hampshire University

The SHNU Library has their LibAnswers LibChat widget right in their header and a LibAnswers FAQ search box front & center on the homepage. Upcoming events pulls dynamically from a LibCal widget and their Library Newsletter is a LibGuides Blog!

SHNU Library Website

SHNU Website

Univ. of Oklahoma Health Sciences Library

OUHSC uses integrated LibCal for library hours and events. LibWizard for all their library forms. And the LibGuides E-Reserves Module for managing and displaying course reserves.


OUHSC Library Website

OUHSC Library Homepage

Walden University

"We embed LibApps content into our guides whenever possible, including: a University-wide FAQ search (LibAnswers); upcoming library webinars (LibCal); student doctoral research appointments (LibCal's MyScheduler); chat service and hours (LibChat and LibCal Hours module); library system alerts (LibAnswers Status Management module); and a "report a broken link" form (LibWizard).

What we're most excited about though is the new unified search that brings together our guide content, A-Z list, LibAnswers FAQ, and our discovery service, which we recently launched on the Walden Library's homepage and throughout our website." - Heather Westerlund

Walden University Library Website

Walden University Library Unified Search
Walden LibAnswers

Shippensburg University

They make strong use of Springshare product integrations with LibAnswers and LibChat widgets right on the homepage. Plus, they have a LibCal Hours widget always displaying 'Today's Hours'...right on the homepage. 

Shippensburg University Library Website

Shippensburg University

Wentworth Institute of Technology

WIT Library makes use of LibCal on their LibGuides CMS powered website.

Using LibCal, they display Library Hours effectively & efficiently.

WIT Library Website

Wentworth Institute of Technology

University of Suffolk

"We are using LibCal in a number of ways, we use the My Scheduler for one-to-one appointments for our Academic Librarians, Academic Skills Advisors and our Digital Learning Specialists.  We have recently rolled out the My Scheduler system in a pilot project for a Business School academics to allow students to book personal tutorials." - Aaron Burrell

University of Suffolk Library Website

University of Suffolk

Gwinnett Technical College

Not only does Gwinnett Technical College use LibAnswers, LibCal,and LibWizard - but other departments on campus use it too! The Distance Education Department has their own LibGuides CMS Group for faculty courseware training, a dedicated LibAnswers, and LibWizard too!

Gwinnett Tech. College Library Website

Gwinnett Technical College

Georgetown College

Making strong use of their Springy Suite subscription, the library uses LibCal's Today Hours and LibAnswers 'Need Help?' on the homepage. Plus, they're using LibWizard forms for New Book, Media, or Periodical requests!

Georgetown College Library Website

Georgetown College

University of Worcester

Right on the homepage, the 'Can We Help' Yellow sidebar widget highlights their LibAnswers FAQs. They began using LibAnswers to manage their ask a librarian enquiry services as well as powering their publicly-searchable knowledgebase of FAQs

Univ. of Worcester Library Website

University of Worcester

Bryan College of Health Sciences

Using the LibAnswers SSM sidebar widget, they're able to share FAQs, gather feedback, and allow users to submit questions - from one widget! Students can book study rooms and request research appointments via their LibCal integration. 

Bryan College of Health Sciences Library Website

Bryan College of Health Sciences

Daytona State College

Daytona State College uses multiple Springshare tools:

  • LibAnswers LibChat chat widget on the sidebar;
  • LibCal 'Today's Hours' and Room Bookings widgets;
  • LibWizard 'Report a Problem' Form in the Footer

Daytona State College Library Website

Daytona State College

St. Clair Community College

This library makes good use of LibCal by showcasing their Room Bookings and Today's Hours.

Students can search LibAnswers FAQs or email a question using their 'Contact the Library' link. 

St. Clair Com. College Library Website

St. Clair Community College

Berea College

Showcasing their LibAnswers Email and SMS/Texting services right on the homepage alongside their LibCal Library Hours and My Scheduler widgets. 

Berea College Library Website

Berea College

Chattanooga State Community College

  • Book a LibCal Study Room and view Library Hours;
  • Start a real-time chat LibAnswers LibChat;
  • Schedule research help using a LibWizard form;
  • Submit Feedback using a LibAnswers form widget;

Chattanooga State Library Website

Chattanooga State

Cornerstone University

Cornerstone University makes use of Springy's public-services tools: LibAnswers and LibCal. Using LibAnswers, they offer real-time LibChat reference and email reference functionality. Using LibCal, they display Library Hours effectively & efficiently. 

Cornerstone University Library Website

Cornerstone University

Buffalo State University

Buffalo State makes great use of white space to prominently display their Library Hours using LibCal's Today Hours widget. Users can easily find and start real-time chats using their embedded LibAnswers chat widget. 

Buffalo State Library Website

Buffalo State