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SpringyNews: Your Greatest Hits

March 2016

Latest Product Updates

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Introducing LibAuth

We are excited to announce a new tool in Springshare’s cloud platform of apps – LibAuth. LibAuth is our implementation of patron authentication inside Springshare apps and systems. This is important new functionality which will make Springshare tools even more useful and more applicable to a wide variety of use-case scenarios within libraries. 

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LibInsight - Coming Soon

  • Gate Count widgets enable data entry without having to log into the system
  • Shared dataset: the 2015 ACRL Survey - Contribute your library's answers to this annual survey and view and analyze other LibInsight libraries' answers.
  • New Dataset Creation Wizard will help you choose what type of dataset to create, based on the data that you have. 
  • Redesigned home screen puts all LibInsight functions at your fingertips
LibInsight Homescreen