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SpringyNews - A New Spring Outlook

March 2021

Let Springshare Lend a Hand with Consulting

We all need help sometimes, and over the years our support and training teams have worked hard to help you. We’re proud that they’ve built a legendary reputation among our customers, and they're here to help you and your community get the most out of your Springy tools every day of #librarylife. ;)

Today we’re excited to launch our new consulting service! This follows a successful year-long pilot program where expert Springys worked with customers on special projects for an additional fee. At project completion, we overwhelmingly heard from customers that it was money well spent and something we should offer more often.

Our consulting team - made up of MLIS-degreed librarians with years of Springy experience - are thrilled to work closely with you on a project idea, set up your system, discuss strategies to get the most out of your Springshare apps, provide custom training, talk through a digital service or online learning idea, and more. And they've developed several different add-on consulting packages to help you! These are in addition to the stellar customer support and training you already know and love.

The consulting options are listed below, and if there is anything we can do to help you go above and beyond - if there is an idea you think would benefit from an expert Springy's eye - please get in touch! And of course, our always awesome, always free support and training are available for any questions. :D

We're Here to Help You

Our consulting team offers four different packages, plus an extra “Springy Expert” option for projects that don’t fit neatly into a package. All of them are designed with the goal of utilizing expert Springys to help you improve online engagement, navigate your community’s shift to digital, and engage users in remote learning service models.

Setup for Success

We’ll work with you to discuss your goals and ideas, explain how to configure and customize your system to meet those needs, and show you how to format data for the appropriate data imports we’ll do on your behalf. 

During the project, we’ll review any existing sites or data that you’ll be adding to your system and provide prioritized email follow-up support related to the project. We’ll finish the project with a training session (with Q&A) focused on either admin or staff users.

Plus Look and Feel Customizations

In addition to everything in the "Setup for Success" package, we’ll also customize your site’s look and feel area with a custom header, footer, and stylesheet to coordinate with other institutional sites. 

For LibGuides, we’ll also develop a customized homepage template and up to 5 different guide templates that can be used to create great looking content in your site.

Design and Build

Need us to do all the heavy lifting? We can set up your system, flip all the switches, and customize the look and feel so that you have a turnkey solution.

Through a series of meetings, we’ll discuss your needs and determine the setup needed. Our experts will take care of setup, build, and design. We’ll finish the project with two training sessions, one for admins and the other for staff users. 

Custom Training

Arrange for customized training sessions for your staff, aligned to your institution's needs or goals. Choose from one of our standard sessions or a training session completely designed around your workflows.

Get your staff solidly trained on the basics or go beyond for best practices or advanced customization.

Springy Experts

Do you need help with a specific project outside of our packages? Our Springy experts can help you achieve any business goals at your library, so let’s talk.

Depending on your needs and requirements, we can figure out the best way to help your project succeed. Drop us a line - our experts are here for you.