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SpringyNews - A New Spring Outlook

March 2021

Find Your Place with LibCal Maps

Indoor spaces and distancing have been on everyone's minds this past year. How much space is between myself and others? How can I find an office quickly if I've never been there before?

Building visitors need to be able to know exactly how to get where they need to be, quickly. And know how near or far they'll be standing and sitting from others once they get there.

Today we're excited to share a sneak peek of our mapping features! Our new, optional, LibCal mapping add-on helps users more confidently book spaces inside the building. It will provide students and patrons with a way to:

  • Quickly "move" around a building to see available bookable areas 
  • Visually see options that fit their booking needs, such as power outlets and accessible desks
  • "Enter" a building wing to see all its rooms. Then book a preferred space/upcoming event/one-on-one appointment time right from the map
  • Get a clear sense of where they will be headed before even entering the building
Map with highlighted areas

We're designing it to be mobile-friendly right from the start, so maps will look and work great on smartphones as well as on laptops and desktop computers.

We're fine-tuning things on our end, but if you'd like to stay in touch about mapping please drop us a line via our interest form!

Interactive Maps = A Better Booking Experience

We know that the usability of a map is what's most important, so we’re building a super flexible, mobile friendly setup that allows maps to link to one another, in addition to specific spaces, seats, appointment locations, and calendar event locations!

Mapping associations

  • For example, a user can see a building location map with different zones highlighted within it.
    • When they click on a map area, they could see another map of spaces, seats, appointments, or event locations.
    • Choosing a container space could show another map of bookable seats. Or choosing an individual space, like a study room, could show the booking options.
    • Choosing an event or appointment location could show upcoming events and programs, or available one-on-one booking options.
  • A single map could also show a combination of zones, spaces, seats, appointments, and event locations.


To create high-quality, beautiful interactive maps, our consulting team will work closely with LibCal customers to launch their mapping layer and ensure areas are associated with corresponding zones, spaces, seats, appointments, and event locations in LibCal. Ask us to learn more about this process!

Location Maps for Events & Appointments

In addition to a browsable interactive map for creating bookings in LibCal, maps could also be sent directly to students and patrons registering for events and booking one-on-one appointments.

  • When a patron registers for an on-site event, the confirmation email will link to a map showing the location of the room or auditorium.
  • When a student books an in-person research or citation help appointment, the confirmation email will link to a map showing the location of the appointment in the library or student success building.

This way, folks can quickly see where they need to go - without having to ask for directions or wander around the building looking for the right room.

What's Next?

Keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks!

  • Send us your maps! If you have maps you'd like to share and be an early adopter, let us know!
  • If you are super excited about this add-on feature, have questions for us, or just generally want to learn more, please drop us a line.