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Dave Ware - Regional Sales Manager

M.L.I.S. Simmons College 2004. Public & Academic Librarian since 1992

Gather Statistics, Analyze Trends, Assess Services

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LibInsight & LibInsight Lite:

LibInsight Lite - gather and analyze library data to produce valuable reports. Create customizable datasets and record transactions for easy reporting.

LibAnalytics Insight

LibInsight - the upgrade to LibInsight Lite, store and analyze all of your library data by importing your ILS, E-Database/E-Journal platforms, Google Analytics (and more) data into one system for cross-dataset comparison reporting.

Build public dashboards to share stats reports with stakeholders and create shareable datasets with your microcommunity.

LibInsight Uses

Everything from Lite plus:

  • E-Journal/Database Usage
  • Gate Counts
  • Circulation Statistics
  • Acquisition Statistics
  • ILL Statistics
  • Library Budget Stats
  • NCES Statistics & Reporting
  • Website Traffic / Google Analytics

LibInsight Lite vs. LibInsight

LibInsight Lite


  • Customizable Datasets - choose field types and layout choices to build the dataset of your dreams.
  • Reusable Templates - Need help getting started? Reuse your own datasets or one of our sample datasets to get you headed in the right direction.
  • Field Types Galore - from text fields, numeric, to multi & single select, you won't have a shortage of fields types at your disposal.
  • Multi-Use - Datasets can be used internally for stats tracking or be made public (widgets) for public statistics gathering like Library Satisfaction Surveys or Website Feedback. 
  • Heavy-Duty Reporting - Analyze transactions, export charts and graphs, and even save reports. Our reports mean business.
  • Access Controls - Define who can administer the dataset as well as those that can add/edit records. 
  • Pre-Defined Entries - Sick of typing the same thing over and over? Pre-defined entries for one-and-done recording. 
  • Get out of the Data Silo - Analyze elements across datasets to view possible correlations. Does Acquisitions correlate to E-Journal Stats? Gate Counts correlate to Circulation Statistics?
  • Public Dashboards - build infographic-like dashboards to easily communicate complicated stats to your public.


Everything from Lite plus

  • Stop 'Data All Over the Place' Syndrome - Import and store ALL your library data in one 24/7 web accessible interface.
    • - eJournal/Database
    • - Circulation
    • - Acquisitions
    • - ILL
    • - Finance & Budget
    • - Gate Count
    • - Reference
    • - Instruction
    • - LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal v2
    • - Google Analytics
    • - etc....
  • Massive Storage - Import, store, and easily analyze hundreds of thousands of records. Our database can handle massive datasets.
  • Custom & Pre-built - Use our Dataset Wizard to easily build a custom dataset or use a pre-built dataset for easy data importing and normalizing.
  • Peer Comparisons - Your data shouldn't exist in a vacuum, compare your data at the state / Carnegie / consortium / or custom level. 
  • Multi-Year Trends - Import years of historical data to view year-over-year trends. 

LibInsight Video Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

A dataset is a collection of data that you're gathering. Think of each dataset as a unique sets of variables centered around a desk, concept, or process that you want to gather info on. Each of these represents a single dataset:

  • Instruction Statistics Dataset
  • Reference Statistics Dataset
  • Database Trials Feedback
  • Pre-Instruction Assessment
  • Post-Instruction Assessment

LibInsight is the platinum package of LibInsight Lite. If you need big data analysis, huge datasets, cross-reporting, etc. the upgrading to Libnsight is for you.

LibInsight Lite‚Äč is priced on the number of datasets:

LibInsight pricing is available by request.


We perform nightly backups of all our databases, so in the case of a catastrophic system crash, the most data you could lose is the current day's worth of new content. Please note that we have NEVER had a system crash.

The data is backed up to network attached storage, so it doesn't reside on the same servers as the production environment. We also regularly check the integrity of our daily backups.

All Springshare tools are yearly subscription fees.