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Dave Ware - Regional Sales Manager

M.L.I.S. Simmons College 2004. Public & Academic Librarian since 1992

Create Schedules and Manage Staffers Effortlessly

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Simplify staffing and scheduling with an easy-to-use cloud-based application.

Manager Benefits

  • Increase Efficiency - View time-off and schedules all in one place while ensuring staffers don't work over their allocated hours.
  • Convenient - Cloud-based app ensures unlimited access from anywhere. 
  • Private & Secure - LibStaffer is behind a secure login and optional IP restrictions add another layer of protection.
  • Flexible Scheduling - You have the power to schedule staffers however you'd like using Auto, Manual, or Best-of-Both functionality.
  • Control - You control what staffers can do with optional mediation features.

Staffer Benefits

  • Pushed Communications - Staffers can stop hunting/waiting for their schedules. They can receive schedules and staff changes by email or iCal feed.
  • Freedom - Staffers can self-manage schedules by controlling swaps, giving up shifts, and requesting time-off from any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Stop Juggling - LibStaffer keeps track of your schedules across various desks while remembering your allotted max hours and time-off.
  • Favoriting - Favorite shifts are respected with a 'favoriting' option. 

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Ways You Can Use LibStaffer - Examples

By Desk Schedules - Reference/Circ

LibStaffer Reference Desk Screenshot

Assign student workers, pages, reference librarians, and circulation managers to a desk schedule. Shifts can overlap too if staffers' have a waterfall schedule and you can assign manager's to full-day shifts.

By Service Schedules - Chat Reference

LibStaffer Chat Reference Schedule

Create a dedicated schedule for staffing your library's virtual chat reference service. Need to reschedule a shift due to an unexpected meeting or out sick? Swap  and give up shifts right in the system from any device!

By-Floor/Zone Schedules

LibStaffer By Floor Schedule Screenshot

In a multi-floor or zoned building where you have multiple service points on different levels? Create schedules for each floor/zone or one big schedule and tag shifts by floor/zone. 

By Branch/Campus/Building Schedules

LibStaffer Branch Schedule

Staffing multiple buildings, branches or campuses? Create schedules for each location and assign staffers accordingly. Create 'Manager' shifts overlap them if needed. 

By Position - Staffers, Managers, etc.

LibStaffer By Position Schedule Screenshot

Instead of creating schedules by place, create schedules by position. Build schedules for just managers, just workstudies, just reference librarians, or just pages. Shifts can be color-coded by desk or location.

By Event - Conference, Workshops, etc.

LibStaffer Event Schedule

Is your library running a conference, workshops, or special event? Create Schedules by 'Event' so staffers know when they're working and where. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is no limit to the number of schedules you can create. LibStaffer is priced on the number of staffers you are actively scheduling in the system.

Not currently, but it is on our to-do list to add this functionality. 

Absolutely. Stats reports are available for:

  • Scheduled Shifts
  • Unfilled Shifts
  • Time-Off/Unavailability
  • Pending Swap
  • Pending Given Up Shifts

You can print and export to Excel all reports.

Yes! When the Allow Staff to mark shifts as Favorite option is enabled for a schedule, regular-level users will be able to favorite recurring shifts on their own. This allows the schedule admins to delegate some of the schedule set up to the staff on the schedule.

All Springshare tools, including LibStaffer, are yearly subscriptions.       

Yes! If your schedule admin enables the time clock for your schedule, your staff will be required to clock in when starting an assigned shift. 

Managers or schedule admins don't have special labeling or color-coding, but it is easy to do! Just color-code all 'manager' shifts as a specific color so staffers will always know that Managers are coded as that color.    

Yes! You can set regular and overtime pay rates as well as overtime thresholds. The Time Clock report provides a summary of each user's earnings during a certain time period.   

Yes! You can email staffers their designated schedules and staffers can:

  • Print
  • Export & Save
  • Feed their schedules right into Outlook, Google Calendars, Mac Calendars, etc. via iCal feeds.

Internally, staffers who give up shifts or swap shifts can send an email alert to all staffers assigned to that schedule to notify them of the available shift. 

LibStaffer is priced based upon the number of staffers or employees you need to schedule. We have different packaging tiers based upon your needs.

Subscription Tiers

  •  > Under 30 Staffers
  • 30-39 Staffers
  • 40-59 Staffers
  • 60-79 Staffers
  • 80 - 99 Staffers
  • 100 + Staffers

Need a custom threshold?