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Exploring Springshare Solutions For Your Public Library

LibInsight: The Big Data Tool

Ages ago, the library world got the memo that data needed to be collected and they certainly ran with that priority. Today, however, there is not only so much data, but it is often kept in many different places. You can store it all -- years and years worth -- in LibInsight for analyzing. Stop guessing and hypothesizing and, instead, draw correlations between different datasets with specific filtering options. What's truly impactful is the fact that you can create dashboards to communicate stats to the powers that be. LibInsight is the next step for your big data.

Public Library Examples

Special Guides

LibInsight is supported with free training and free support just like all of Springshare's tools. There are many guides to help you set up different types of datasets. As you consider LibInsight for your library, check out this guide on the supported SUSHI providers

Plus, read about the new SUSHI scheduling feature in this blog post. Then continue on to read about the COUNTER r5 support!


Helpful Videos

This is the sort of solution that is best shared in videos. Here are some excellent mini-webinars to show you specific dataset uses like