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Exploring Springshare Solutions For Your Public Library

LibGuides & LibGuides CMS

Curate Resources, Share Knowledge, Publish Content.

LibGuides is the most popular, easiest to use Web Publishing and Content Curation Platform for Libraries. It's brilliant for Public Libraries because no one serves more varied demographics than you. You could build guides on

Provide next-level service for your patrons by curating for them the information that is most relevant, reliable, and available for them. Boost the usage of the stuff you're paying for today with LibGuides or LibGuides CMS.

What's the difference? LibGuides CMS does everything classic LibGuides can do and more

A Special Guide

All of Springshare's solutions come with free support and free training via webinars, videos and help documentation.

Here is a LibGuides Springboard created by our Community Team to help you see how to get started with LibGuides.

It's useful if you have a trial already or if you just want a peek at how to build guides.