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Exploring Springshare Solutions For Your Public Library

LibStaffer with Workflow Forms

LibStaffer is designed to help you be more focused and efficient. It is smart and takes the headache-inducing struggle out of creating the work schedule. Most importantly, it's flexible -- as that's exactly what people need because no schedule gets drafted and set in stone. With the ability to favorite shifts and swap, split or give them up, you and your team will have the options you need. The auto-scheduler is a snap to use and the new clock in and out functionality is making LibStaffer the choice for public libraries. Now, Workflow Forms turns LibStaffer into the system that rescues you time and again during the entire life cycle of a person's employment at your library.

Public Library Examples

Special Guides

It's about time -- someone made a solution like LibStaffer! The best way to see how it will work for your library is to take it for a spin. We have a bunch of help guides to show you how to get the system set up. Once you add the accounts into LibStaffer, your next step is to learn how to create a schedule

The newest feature is the Workflow Forms. Here are some examples that you can actually play with to see what a game changer it is.

Helpful Video